How Elliptical Exercise Machines Improve Cardiovascular Health

Elliptical exercise machines are becoming more and more popular and sophisticated in their overall design since their introduction in the 90s. It is estimated that millions of Americans use elliptical trainers in their home gyms. The reason for their popularity is the low-impact design and total body workout these machines provide. Elliptical exercise machines are hard to beat when it comes to improving cardiovascular health. They are safe for older people, beginners and even expectant mothers, yet challenging enough for the most serious fitness buff.

Low Impact Design Prevents Injuries

Experts agree that weight-bearing activities such as jogging and aerobics are necessary to maintain healthy bone density. Weight-baring exercises include all activities where you remain standing on your feet. The problem is that many of these exercises are hard on the joints by jarring the bones and muscles. You may aggravate old injuries or even injure yourself all over again. Knees, ankles, hips and the back are all prone to feel the impact of these types of workouts. Therapists often prescribe low impact exercises for people recovering from an accident, people who suffer from arthritis or pregnant women. This is where elliptical exercise machines fit in.

Treadmill vs Outdoor Running -- Pros and Cons

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What are the advantages of the treadmill vs outdoor running, and should you spend the money on such an expensive piece of equipment when you can go outside and exercise for free? After weighing the pros and the cons of health considerations, you’ll likely conclude that treadmills offer all the same calorie burning and weight loss benefits of exercising outdoors. But can even the best cardio workout on a treadmill compare to the tangibles you can get outside, such as wind resistance and varied terrain?
Here are some arguments to help you determine which is right for you in the treadmill vs road running debate.

Cons of the Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

Let’s look at some of the things considered to be drawbacks with treadmill vs road running:

The History of the Trampoline

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The early origins of the trampoline are open to some debate although it is said that the Inuit people developed an early form of the apparatus, using a walrus skin to toss each other into the air. There is also evidence of some people in Europe being thrown into the air by a number of people holding a blanket such as Sancho Panza in the novel Don Quixote, although instances of “blanketing” such as this are clearly non-voluntary instances of quasi-judicial, mob administered punishment.

It is certain, however, that in the early years of the 20th century some acrobats used a “bouncing bed” on the stage to entertain the audience. The bouncing in bed was actually a form of small trampoline covered in bedclothes and used mostly during comedy routines.

14 Benefits of Rope Skipping!

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Skipping sounds as an inexpensive and simple exercise that can be performed anywhere, either be at your home or a nearby park, you might even observe children skipping ropes on sidewalks. One you develop coordination between skipping and rope movement, you can skip for longer time without any miss.

1.Skipping rope can be beneficial in your exercise to lose weight. It is so effective in burning calories that an hour of skipping rope will make you burn up to 1000 calories.

2.The exercise is easy to learn, doesn’t need you to look for a guide or coach. The best thing about this activity is that once you start skipping, you learn very quickly and in no time you start skipping like a kid.

3.It’s inexpensive as you only need a rope.

Interval Training. 30 Minutes To A Better Body

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Interval training has been used by top physical trainers and athletes for quite a long time now.

The main "science" behind interval training says that by mixing short bursts of high intensity work with lower intensity stretches that allow the body to cool down somewhat, you're simultaneously overloading the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

With interval training, you thus get the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic training at one and the same time.

There are other benefits of interval training, too. It's more difficult to become injured through this practice, because the high-intensity anaerobic periods don't last that long and the body gets sufficient recovery time between them, and you are listening to your body more acutely.

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