Artist to Bury Boeing 727 Airplane in Mojave Desert

General Map of Boron, Mojave, and Edwards AFB - BSN

(Best Syndication News) - Swiss artist, Chistoph Buchel, will be burying a Boeing 727 commercial airplane in the Mojave Desert as installation art if Kern County approves the project. The airplane will be buried 38 feet underground near Boron, California. Tourists would be able to view the airplane because the artist wants to dig a tunnel to the decommissioned plane. There will be a working bathroom on the airplane for the tourist to use.

A local Bakersfield news report by KGET, reported that the project is called “Terminal.” Buchel was inspired by the mining and aviation history, which inspired this idea of unearthing the ground to put an airplane there. A Kern County representative said during the KGET interview that Buchel has been working on getting the clearance for the 5 acres where they plan to install the artwork. Final decision by the planning commission by the end of this month. If approved at the end of the month, “Terminal” could be completed by as early as this fall. Groups of five can book a drive from the LA Museum of Contemporary Art and currently the museum is planning two or three trips weekly to the underground airplane.

Local Schools Receive Awards

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(Best Syndication News) Four San Bernardino County schools were awarded a total of $12,000 for their outstanding participation in the 2011 Governor’s Challenge Competition.

“The challenge is much more than just a competition,” said County Supervisor Josie Gonzales. The supervisor allocated money from her discretionary fun to schools in her district to finish strong in the annual statewide competition.

“It motivates our students to eat healthy foods and to be more physically active,” the supervisor tells Best Syndication. “As a result they miss less school, are more attentive in class, do better academically, and feel more positive about themselves and their capabilities.”

Perseid Meteor Shower Peak is early hours of August 13 - How to find the Perseus Constellation

see below - ScienceCast: Summer Meteor Shower

(Best Syndication News) - Sky watchers will want to remember to take some time out to view the Perseid meteor shower that will be at its peak during the early morning hours of Saturday, August 13, 2011.

At the peak of the meteor shower, there are around 60 shooting stars per hour in the night's sky. Of course, the shooting stars are really meteors burning up when entering the atmosphere. The Swift-Tuttle comet is responsible for the Perseid meteor showers. The pre-dawn hours will have the most meteors entering Earth's atmosphere per hour.

School Supplies for the Needy

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(Best Syndication News) The Grace Resource Center in Lancaster has begun a program to help children in families that can’t afford backpacks, paper, pencils and school supplies. They are asking for the supplies before school starts this fall.

State Senator Sharon Runner tells Best Syndication that people who want to help can do so by purchasing an extra item for a child in need. “They are asking for your assistance if you can afford to help”, the Senator said.

The Grace Resource Center will also accept gift cards. These cards can be used by the center to purchase the supplies that are in short supply.

OfficeMax to start selling The All-New NOOK, The Simple Touch Reader, and NOOK Color Tablet

NOOK and NOOK Color side-by-side - Credit: Barnes and Noble

(Best Syndication Nes) - OfficeMax announced today that they would be selling The All-New NOOK, NOOK Color Reader Tablet, and The Simple Touch Reader starting July 30, 2011. The office supply and electronic retailer will have the eBook readers available at their stores and online. Barnes & Noble, Inc. are the distributor of the NOOK eBook readers.

The NOOK tablets start as low as $139. The NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet has a 7-inch color display. Like other tablets, it has a touch-screen to navigate. Because of this, Barnes and Nobles have exclusive interactive books using AliveTouch technology. The NOOK color tablet sells for $249.

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