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Trend of Artificial Jewellery

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When we talk about jewellery only gold, diamonds, silver and platinum click our minds. However, this is not the case any more. The trend has altogether changed and junk jewellery, popularly known as funky jewellery, imitation jewellery, bling jewellery, modern jewellery or fashion jewellery is in. More exotic jewellery was probably made for wealthy people indicating social status.


The middle or the lower class yearned to have beautiful but affordable jewellery, and this desire was realized on time. And it was born with the machine-age or the industrial revolution. All this made possible the production of carefully executed pieces of beautiful and admired antique pieces.

Costume jewellery has been part of our culture from the last 300 years. In 1700s cheap glass jewellery was made. It was almost after a century, in the 1800s, costume jewellery made of semi precious material came into the market. The practice of using semi precious material made the jewellery available even for common people as it was cheap, disposable and which could go with a specific outfit.

Gold Chains – The Identity of a Woman

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If diamond is the hardest material on earth, then Gold is the most precious metal. Gold chains and their designs are exclusive in their own sense. The value of Gold chain increases with every changing attire or dress of women. These Gold Chains available in traditional, fusion and contemporary designs are chalked out of to match each and every occasion. These Gold chains designed increase the value of every occasion while doubling the grace of the women wearing it.

Bewitching, fascinating, sensuous, captivating - , these Gold chains are timeless in their own sense. The beauty of these Gold chains increase ten – fold when worn by a beautiful woman. Some of the gold chains are exclusively studded with diamonds to get the best in terms of beauty and sensuality.

Diamond Jewellery - The Elegance of the Royals

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Engagement rings, pre – set rings, loose diamonds, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces you name it and you have the whole range in front of your eyes. Diamonds have been a lady’s best friend for ages, even today; the saying goes as a timeless charm.

It’s a beauty- the hardest material in the world has a charm which you will not find in anything else. Cut out with beauty after painful hours of labor, these are yet not affordable by many. To posses a diamond is a thing in itself. The beauty of diamond is, certainly, timeless.

The price of the diamond jewellery basically depends upon the cut, clarity and purity of diamond. Diamonds are generally classified as Natural Diamond, Synthetic Industrial Diamond and Thin Film Diamonds on the base of their appendage of creation. The phrase "diamond" is gained from a Greek articulate "diamond" which corresponds "invincible".

Kabbalah Bracelets May Help Ward Off People Wishing Harm On You

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Kabbalah is typically known as a discipline of Judaism. It helps people learn about the relationship between what they don’t know about the all mighty creator, the universe and the rest of his creation. Through Kabbalah people are able to learn about themselves, the nature of the universe, and why they are on the earth for. Kabbalah is a very spiritual religion that can help people get through tough times in their life, but not only is it a religion it is a way to keep you and your family safe from people who may be trying to harm you.

There is also something called a Kabbalah bracelet, if you purchase one of these magnificent bracelets you don’t have to actually follow Kabbalah. They are typically worn on the left wrist in order to protect you from anyone who wishes to do bad things to you or people who are wishing to do harm to you.

Top Trendy & Stylish Watches Launched in 2008

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Watches have long been our favorite accessories. They not only perform the basic function of keeping track of and displaying time but are also an essential part of everybody’s style statement. There are people who are okay with only one watch to wear all the time and then there are people who need a different look to suit different occasions-even if it means a mere changing of the strap.

However one thing is common to all of us, none of us would just come enter a watch store and pick up the first watch that meets our eyes. Every watch that through our hands, even if it is going to be the only one or the tenth one, will get due consideration before we finally pick it up.

So, this piece is for the watch lover hidden in almost every one of us. Here is a sneak peak into the latest happening on the front of this favorite accessory of all of us. Let’s take a look.

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