Amazon Glacier Archive Service launched Today

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(Best Syndication News) - Amazon Web Services LLC (AWS) announced the launch of Amazon Glacier, which is a service for data archiving and backup. AWS is owned by (NASDAQ:AMZN). The archiving backup service is a low cost solution with pricing scales depending on how much storage space is used.

The cost of Amazon Glacier is as low as $0.01/GB/month. The scalability of paying for what you use is different from other backup storage services. Customers do not have to overpay for what they do not use.

Customers might want to archive digital media, financial, and medical records. Businesses might want to backup their company database.

New Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App has Payment and Virtual Gift Card Options

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(Best Syndication News) - A new Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app has been released today and will work with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and Android Smartphone devices. The new app will allow customers to pay for their coffee and bakery items using their mobile phone. The user of the app can also send electronic gift cards to other people so they can make purchases at Dunkin’ Donuts.

The mGift feature allows the user of the app to send virtual gift cards via text, email, or Facebook Connect. The virtual gift card denominations range between $2 and $100.

This payment method is available both inside Dunkin’ Donuts as well as through the drive-thru. Inside the app is a virtual Dunkin’ Donuts Card that can be presented at the time of purchase. The Dunkin’ Donuts employee would then scan the virtual card to complete the sale.

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE service to expand Coverage and Launch in New Markets

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(Best Syndication News) - Verizon Wireless announced that their 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network will soon be expanded to offer coverage to 75 percent of the population in the United States.

On August 16, Verizon Wireless will introduce the 4G LTE network to 34 new markets and will expand coverage in 38 existing markets. When the expansion is complete, Verizon Wireless will have their 4G LTE network available in 371 markets nationwide.

Nicola Palmer, chief technical officer of Verizon Wireless, said that they are ahead of their expansion schedule for the 4G LTE market in the United States. Palmer also said that Verizon Wireless has a goal to offer coverage to over 400 markets soon.

Activision announces release of new Pitfall! Mobile App - Revamped 1980's Classic Video Game

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(Best Syndication News) - Remember the 1980’s? Back in 1982, Activision had captivated video game players with Pitfall! on the Atari 2600 game console. This video game had Pitfall Harry swing across crocodiles, jump over logs, and avoid falling into pits in the jungle. Today, Activision announced that they have released a new version of the classic video game with their Pitfall! App that will work on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The video game was developed to work with the new technology at Activision's new Leeds, UK-based studio The Blast Furnace™. With the new technology, the Pitfall! game will be revamped for today’s gamers, but will keep elements of the classic game, such as the crocodiles, rope swings, gold bars, cobras, and diamond rings. The new version of Pitfall! will have 3D visuals with the ability to shift camera perspectives. There also will be vehicles and mine carts with a variety of challenges that the player will face.

Verizon FiOS TV app now available for Samsung Smart TV sets and Smart Blu-ray Players

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(Best Syndication News) - A new Verizon FiOS TV app is now available for compatible Samsung Smart TV sets and Smart Blu-ray players. The FiOS app is found on the Samsung Smart Hub platform and will let subscribers of Verizon FIOS TV and FiOS Internet watch 26 live broadcast TV channels and over 20,000 FlexView on-demand movies and TV shows.

The new app does not require an additional set-top box. The supported Samsung TV sets and Blu-ray players will stream the content for watching.

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