Walmart closing Sams Club in 10 Locations - Which Sams Club Stores are Closing

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[Best Syndication News] There are a total of ten Sams Club closing their doors in the United States because they underperformed. Sam's Club announced the closures of the stores which will impact around 1,500 employees. Sam's Club does still plan on opening new Sam's Club locations in other cities across the country.

Which Sam's Club Locations are Closing?

Here is the list of the Sams Club stores that will be closing their doors. They did not specify the company did not provide the dates that the stores will have final closure. Some cities have more than one location, and only one store will be closing.

Unemployment Claims Increased for past week – Signs of Improvement in Last Month

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January 2007 - November 2009 Unemployed -

[Best Syndication News] The jobless filing new claims was up to 480,000 for the week ending on December 12th, which is an increase of 7,000 more claiming unemployment benefits than the week before. The good news it that over the last 4 weeks there was a trend for less claims, with the four week moving average of 467,000 which is 5,250 less than last weeks average of 472,750.

The United States Department of Labor tallied up 5,186,000 for the seasonally adjusted insured unemployment for the week ending of December 5th. This was an increase of 5,000 from the week before. But again there is a trend for a reduction in the unemployment benefits over a four week moving average of 5,318,250 which is a decrease of 106,750 from the previous weeks four week snapshot of 5,425,000.

The states with the highest unemployement rates for the week ending of November 28th were as follows:

How To Be Happy At Work - 10 Tips To Be A Happy Worker

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Learning how to be happy at work is one good factor in making our lives better and more fulfilling as well. Indeed, one of the many stressors in life is our demanding jobs and a busy lifestyle that we tend to forget our own happiness.

Happiness is a choice - so they say. Indeed, it is. Whatever job you have, whether you like it or not in the first place, for as long as you choose to be happy with it, you can indeed be happy. Sometimes, we tend to get a job we don't like, we have officemates that get into our nerves, or some office policies that we do not want to follow, but if we just do not let these things bother us, we can be a happy worker and live a better life.

To help you learn some tips on how to be happy at work, here are a few of them.

Get your High School Diploma Online

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A student can get a high school diploma from an online academic institution with convenience as online learning at this level provides flexibility and ease to the learner. A high school diploma is getting more significance day by day and is considered as an essential step for accomplishing achievements and earning career progress. Having a high school diploma means opening up doorways of reputed occupations with good wages.

School students often benefit substantially from the online learning as this method of learning farther advances their existing capabilities. Through online discovering students have the matching types of deadlines and organized responsibilities of customary discovering and information sharing. Online diploma from a reputable academic institution provides possibilities for accomplishing academic excellence. If a student has many of information and functional know-how in their area but no diploma which verifies its integrity, life know-how credits may give a student some of the acknowledgement a student really deserves. Several expanse discovering programs reconsider the students’ genuine life know-how and allocate know-how credits founded on what students have wise out-of-doors of the classroom. The most significant advantage of online discovering is that for getting an online high school diploma one do not desires to join categories in a customary way and one can attain this kind of a online high school diploma through the online discovering experience.

Parallelism Makes Writing Powerful

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Get to the Point! Author - Elizabeth Donziger

Imagine if Julius Caesar had reported, “I came. I saw. Gaul was conquered by me.” It just wouldn’t have had that imperial sound. No, Caesar wrote, “I came. I saw. I conquered.” He took advantage of a powerful writing tool that you can use too: parallel sentence structure.

Humans are pattern-making creatures. Our earliest learning involves patterns: cause leads to effect. Our earliest reading involves patterns: subject-verb-object. When we write sentences, we can take advantage of the powerful urge for patterned structure. The technique of using parallel patterns for different parts of a sentence is called parallelism.

You can create a pattern based on almost any element of a sentence:
Words: He is slow but thorough.
The American flag is red, white, and blue.

Phrases: Her routine was always the same: first she went to the pool, then she went to the beauty parlor, and then she went to the club.

Dependent Clauses: He doesn’t care what we think of him, or what anyone else thinks of him, either.

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