Federal Stimulus Money For HIV Research

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Scanning electron micrograph of HIV-1 (in green) budding from cultured lymphocyte. Multiple round bumps on cell surface represent sites of assembly and budding of virions.
Image source: CDC

(Best Syndication News) UCSF HIV researchers have received two NIH grants of $1 million each to study the use of web-based, patient controlled personal health records to improve health and HIV prevention outcomes for HIV positive patients.

Both studies are funded through the federal stimulus bill, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

One study will look at using mobile phone text messages linked to a web-based personal health record to help HIV patients’ adherence to pill-taking regimens.

“Patients participating in the study will not only be assisted with taking their HIV medications, but also with medications for conditions like diabetes and hypertension. At least half the patients we see in our clinic have at least one other chronic disease that requires medication to control. Our hypothesis is that using individualized text message reminders linked to personal health records will help patients better succeed in self-management of their multiple health challenges,” said James S. Kahn, MD, professor of clinical medicine at the UCSF Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital.

HIV Cure May Involve Gene Therapy – Bone Marrow Transplant For Leukemia and AIDS Removes Virus – Delta 32 Mutation Needed

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(Best Syndication News) Amazing research from Europe suggests that bone marrow from specific individuals can cure HIV (see video below). More tests and research needs to be done, but it appears that a bone marrow transplant cured a patient’s leukemia and Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection (AIDS).

It is believed that the bone marrow must be from a donor with a Delta 32 mutation from both parents. Found in only one in 1000 European and Americans, the genetic mutation prevents HIV from attaching itself to cells by blocking CCR5, a receptor that acts as a kind of gateway. People with this mutation are “resistant” to HIV.

According to Patrick McGroarty with the Associated Press, the patient was being treated for both HIV and leukemia. Dr. Gero Huetter, the patient’s doctor at Berlin's Charite hospital and medical school, suspected that this type of therapy would work because of previous research. "I read it in 1996, coincidentally," Huetter said. "I remembered it and thought it might work."

People With Aids on the Brink of Foreclosure Will Receive Federal Housing Grant

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One can’t help but feel for people who lost their homes to foreclosure. The past months have left many without houses, and it’s still taking away other people’s homes.

It’s even worse to see sick people who, despite their condition, are forced out of their residences. Losing their homes would make it more difficult for these people to take care of their health, like those who are inflicted with HIV/AIDS. For them, losing their health to the HIV virus is as hard as losing their dwellings to foreclosure.

It’s fortunate that there is money allotted for building houses specifically for people suffering from AIDS. The government, through its housing arm the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is giving a housing grant worth $1.4 million to the Los Angeles Housing Department to provide permanent housing to people with the disease.

More New HIV Infections Than Previously Thought – Charts And Graphs For AIDS Information – Total Deaths Can Cases

More New HIV Infections Than Previously Thought – Charts And Graphs For AIDS Information – Total Deaths Can Cases

See Larger Charts Below

(Best Syndication News) Previous estimates that only 40,000 Americans were infected with HIV each year since 2000 are too low, according to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During the previous decades the figures ranged from 10,000 to 80,000 infections per year(see the charts below). New techniques for measuring HIV indicate that the disease is not on the decline (See Videos Below).

According to previous figures released by the CDC, the disease peaked in the early 1990s at about 80,000 new cases per year and then started to drop off (see charts below). Since 1998 they estimated that there were a little over 40,000 new cases per year. The CDC is always looking for ways to improve their estimates. Recent advances in testing and reporting have helped give a more accurate picture of HIV.

Gator Blood Protein Could Treat Burn Patients MRSA And Diabetes Ulcers That Lead To Amputations – Could Also Help in AIDS

Gator Blood Protein Could Treat Burn Patients MRSA And Diabetes Ulcers That Lead To Amputations – Could Also Help in AIDS

American Alligator

(Best Syndication) Doctors are always looking for help in fighting drug resistant illnesses, and new research suggests that alligator blood may hold the key to some of these infections. Biochemists in Louisiana reported at the 235th national meeting of the American Chemical Society that a protein in the gator blood could be a source for “powerful” antibiotics.

It was already known that alligators have a very strong immune system, but this is the first study to investigate the antimicrobial activity of alligator blood in detail. They found that the gator’s antibiotic proteins are especially lethal to fungi, viruses, and bacteria without having prior exposure to them. The proteins are very adept at fighting Candida albicans yeast infections, which are a serious problem in AIDS patients and transplant recipients, who have a weakened immune system.

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