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Mafia Wars Energy

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Mafia Wars Energy is the lifeblood of your Mafia Wars character. As such, energy management should be on the top of your list if you want to level effectively. Adding into our collection of Mafia Wars secret, here you’ll find a list of the most energy efficient jobs per tier.

These jobs have the highest experience points ratio and worked correctly will provide you the most bang per energy point.

This list was created assuming that you have the best mafia in place in your top mafia slots. If you do not the jobs should still be the highest EPR per tier but may not be as high as listed below.

Experience Point Ratio

Ultimate Mafia Wars Cheats Guide: Become a Don!

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Want to become top Mobster in Mafia Wars? Get yourself the Mafia Wars Cheats guide. Cut all the slow progress out and cheat your way to the top. With the introduction of this product, leveling up and making money has never been any easier. If you like the Mafia Wars Game, then you know how fun it is to fight, but quite the opposite when you're getting pummeled every 2 seconds. This guide is perfect for all those who are looking to make an impact in the game in as little time as possible.

We know what you're thinking. Does this work, will I cheat my way to the top? How do you think the top guys do it? Well now you can be a top mobster too with the Mafia Wars Cheat Guide. Buy all the stuff you've always wanted, and lots of it. Get a huge mob and become invincible with this cheat guide. Finally turn your string of bad luck into a golden rod and get your revenge. Become a legend in the game by cheating your way to the top like a real mobster, only with legal methods.

Fastest XBOX 360 Fix: The Fastest Permanent XBOX 360 Fix Guide

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Has Your XBOX 360 stopped working? Are you looking for the fastest XBOX 360 Fix Guide? How about a permanent XBOX 360 fix? There are many repair guides out there promising you the world, only to leave you more confused than you began. Let's learn something together, what is the leading cause of failure? Simply put, your XBOX 360 is overheating and this is the leading cause of the extremely high failure rate for the XBOX 360. A big problem, but there are two simple solutions. You could send it off to Microsoft or you could get an XBOX 360 fix Guide and do it yourself.

Let's look at the first option. If you are a very patient person and do not mind waiting more than a few weeks(3-4 week average) and paying up to $140, you could send it off to Microsoft to fix. However, if time is of the essence and you do not want to wait, then you obviously need a faster, more reliable, permanent XBOX 360 fix. You need to buy the guide with the best fix tutorial that will get you up and back into the trenches of your favorite shooter game.

XBOX 360 Repair Guides: Fix Three Red Lights, RROD & Other Problems

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If you need to repair your XBOX 360 and have been browsing the internet for the perfect repair guide then we must say, "Buyer beware!" There are many repair guides out there offering to repair the dreaded "3 red lights of death" that simply come up short.

The methods out there can ruin your home entertainment investment. Simply put, irreversibly damage your XBOX 360. What can you do?

You can always send your XBOX 360 Console in for repairs to Microsoft. If you don't mind the idea of waiting a few weeks and paying up to $140 for the service, then by all means take this route.

Are there any other options, I need my XBOX 360 fixed and online today?

There are a handful of guides you can choose from that will get you back up and running in an about hour(average time). Thousands of XBOX 360's have been brought back to life by the lucky few that have found the right guide.

WOW – World of Warcraft released Client Patch 3.2

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[Best Syndication News] Blizzard's World of Warcraft (WOW) released an updated patch for the client. The newest patch is 3.2 and is a big update with lots of features that many have been eagerly anticipating.

Here are the big areas that were updated with the WOW 3.2 patch:

Call of the Crusade with the greatest challenge of all - the Crusaders' Coliseum which is now complete.

Isle of Conquest is a rocky battleground's proximity to Icecrown which makes it a highly prized base in the fight against the Lich King.

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