Auto Industry Bailout Expected To Pass House But May Hit Senate Snag

Auto Industry Bailout Expected To Pass House But May Hit Senate Snag

2009 Sebring Convertible

(Best Syndication News) The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) jumped up and then down and then slightly up again Wednesday as investors tried to predict how and if the automakers would be rescued. Some analysts believe that both Chrysler and General Motors will fail by the end of the month if nothing is done.

Automaker Bailout

It appears the bailout package will pass the U.S. House of Representatives but may hit a snag in the Senate. While the money is urgently needed for their survival, the Automakers may be strapped with a “car czar” that will tell them how to run their business.

Scooter and Wheelchair Carriers for Your Vehicle

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Traveling around the home and in public is made much easier for many people by mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. These devices carry a person who has difficulty walking and allows them to explore many areas of the world. However, if you want to use these devices away from the home, you will probably need to invest in a scooter carrier for your car.

While most mobility scooters and power chairs are designed so that they can be disassembled into more manageable pieces, these individual pieces can be rather bulky. One type of scooter, the travel scooter, is made to address this issue and the heaviest piece will often times weigh less than thirty pounds. There are also travel power chairs that offer a similar service, but these use a folding wheelchair design.

How to Choose the Right Lift Kit for your Mazda

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Having a lift kit for your Mazda truck or SUV can increase its ground clearance, lessen its jarring that is caused by several irregularities while on the road. It also provides your automobile with a kind of beefy and unique look. Before jumping right into the world of lifted vehicles, though, you need to consider several important matters.

The debate whether you need suspension lifts or body lifts

Nowadays, lift kits have two main types that are available on the market. First, are the suspension lift kits, which are a system of springs, and are used to hoist a vehicle up by suspending its frame, engine, power train and engine above its wheels. Body lift kits, on the other hand is a system of blocks used to elevate a vehicle by suspending its body over its frame.

Go Online and Look for Auto Parts and Accessories

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Do you have a domestic or import car? Or perhaps a SUV or a truck? Whatever kind of automobile you have, surely you are concerned with finding the best auto parts and accessories that would complement it. It can be pretty tiring indeed to make rounds and go to stores and shops just to look for the best with the most competitive prices. Well, you need not make the actual rounds anymore at actual auto parts and accessories. What should you do, then? Well, just go online!

The World Wide Web is teaming with great online stores or shops were you can find a wide selection and unbeatable assortments of auto parts and accessories. The main attraction? They are available at wholesale prices! If you are worrying about deliveries, you can pick them up yourself!

Many online companies perform the function of either wholesale distributors or resellers of a wide range of auto parts and accessories for the 600 or more automotive parts and accessories manufacturers all over the world.

Challenging Your DUI arrest

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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance, you could face strict legal penalties. The national blood alcohol limit is .08%, and people found to be operating vehicles over this limit can face a wide range of consequences, including:

• License suspension or revocation

• Monetary fines and court costs

• Jail time

• Mandatory counseling

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