President Obama Explains His New Health Care Plan – Public Option For Insurance

President Obama

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(Best Syndication News) While more details are being released concerning the health care reform plans, there is an enormous debate raging over President Obama’s proposal. Rather than socializing the medical system, like in Britain and other industrialized nations, Obama has proposed creating a “public option” in the health insurance marketplace.

At a recent news conference the President wanted to make it clear that there will be a level playing field. The government plan will “abide” by whatever rules it provides to the private insurers. His plan would make sure that people with pre-existing conditions were covered.

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Watch out For Dentists who Overcharge!!

PayDay Loan Interest Rate Comparison For January 2009

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My husband and I have saved over $7,000 in dental work charges this past year, just by being informed consumers! We have dental insurance through his employer that costs $1,100 per year which we pay for through payroll deductions. We chose our Dental Plan carefully based on the very low "Patient Co-pay Fee Schedule."

However, much to our shock, after visiting four different dental offices this year, we have found that they all have the same dubious practice of trying to overcharge us beyond our "Patient Co-Pay Fee Schedule," seemingly hoping that we are stupid enough not to check with our insurance company and will pay their inflated charges.

For example, I was recently told that I needed two new crowns, and also two crown build ups due to " cracking and leaking". The office billing clerk quoted me $500 per crown, and $250 per crown buildup to a total of $1500. Consulting my benefit chart, I found that my actual co-pay should have been $270. Just by consulting my benefit chart, I saved $1,230 !

Seat Belts and Car Accidents

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Car accidents have an effect on nearly everyone in this country every year. There were over 6.2 million automobile accidents last year, with 2.2 million automobile accidents resulting in injuries. Taking into account those statistics, there is a good chance you or someone you know or care about will be involved in a car accident this year. Sadly, over 40,000 people lose their lives in car accidents every year in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for Americans aged 4 to 34.

The Failure to Use Seat Belts and Fatalities

Statistics show many accidents result in worse injuries than necessary because of the failure to use one of the most basic safety devices in cars, the seat belts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports someone dies in this country every hour in a car accident because they failed to use their seat belt.

US Health Care Debate - Single Payer System or Favor the Big Insurance Corporation's Survival

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[Best Syndication News] It is terrible that a civilized country such as the United States has put profit over the health of individuals. Catering to corporate interests and making sure that a health insurance company will survive because politicians are bought off in Washington D.C. is a rather disgusting thought. President Obama is making steps towards trying to improve our nations health care, but in the midst of this, the committees are favoring the corporate health insurance companies.

While many people could care less about the health industry it has caused financial disaster for so many families across the country. It has prevented people from getting care that they need. Sometimes health insurance was to blame for these deaths for the pure sake of profit.

Congress In For Long Fight With Health Insurance Groups

Congress In For Long Fight With Health Insurance Groups

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(Best Syndication News) While Congress prepares to debate the Obama Administration’s plan to create a competing insurance program, the industry is asking for more regulations. The proposal has not surprised some legislators and some Democrats may be receptive. Delaware Sen. Tom Carper, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, and Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln are open to the idea of squashing the Administration’s plan.

The lobbying group for the industry, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is asking Congress to help control medical costs, and in exchange they they will stop penalizing applicants for pre-existing conditions. “Health plans propose guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions in conjunction with an enforceable individual coverage mandate”, the AHIP said in a statement back in December.

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