Tea Party Protests Heath Care Reform Bill as President Obama plans to Make a Statement Sunday Night anticipating Passage

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[Best Syndication News] It appears that the Health Care Reform bill will very likely be approved today. President Obama is planning to make a formal statement to the nation this Sunday night regarding the historic health care reform.

Obama was reported to made agreements that he would ban the abortion funding from the government which has added democratic party votes in favor of the legislation.

According to CBS News 'Face the Nation' interviewed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) who is against the health reform, and thinks that it needs to be rewritten.

"We owe it to the American people to do the very best we can to keep this bill from passing so that we can start over and get it right," said McConnell.

Kucinich Flip Flops On The Health Care Vote

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Kucinich Today - See Video Below

(Best Syndication News) Dennis Kucinich, a longtime supporter of a single-payer health care system, has caved-in to the current health care bill supporters.

Earlier this week President Obama traveled to Ohio to make his pitch, and it worked. “After careful discussions with the President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Elizabeth my wife and close friends, I have decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation,” Kucinich said in an announcement today.

Previously Kucinich said he would not support any bill that did not include a public option.

Health Care Bill

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President Obama in Ohio

(Best Syndication News) We can expect a vote on the health care bill later this week, President Barack Obama said Monday. At a rally in Ohio the President said every argument has been made and it is time to act.

“They’re waiting for us to act,” the President said. “They’re waiting for us to lead. They don’t want us to put our finger up to the wind.” The House is expected to vote on a reconciled bill later this week.

Although some consumer protection rules will take place immediately, the bulk of the coverage for 25 million people will take place in four years. Most of those people will get tax credits to assist them in purchasing coverage.

Traffic Car Accident Deaths at a Record Low for 2009

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[Best Syndication News] The US Department of Transportation announced that there was a record low of overall traffic fatalities for 2009, so low that it hasn't been this low since 1954. This was the 15th quarter in a row that has seen a decline in traffic deaths which is showing as a consistent trend.

The number of highway deaths for 2009 were 33,963 which was a reduction by 8.9 percent from the previous year with 37,261 deaths reported. The fatality rate is also the lowest of record with 1.16 fatalities per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled which in 2008 this number was 1.25 per 100 million.

Health Care Bill May Move Forward Bypassing Republican Filibuster Through Reconciliation Process

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Byrd and Pelosi

(Best Syndication News) Republicans are angry because Democrats may use the reconciliation process to bypass a possible filibuster in the Senate. A budget reconciliation may allow the measure to pass with a simple majority, even without any Republican votes.

First introduced in 1974, reconciliation is a process intended to allow consideration of a contentious budget bill without the threat of filibuster. It limits debate in the Senate preventing a Senator or group of Senators from halting the process through an extended debate on the proposal. A filibuster could go on for days.

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