High Health Care Costs Driving Health Care Reform – It Is Not Just The $1200 Surgical Stapler

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Modern Operating Room

(Best Syndication News) Later this year Blue Cross of California is expected to go forward with their 39 percent rate hikes in California. This has prompted a curiosity of why our medical bills are so high. It is not just Wellpoint and various pharmaceuticals registering incredible profits, hospitals and surgery room equipment manufactures are also raking in earnings.

Recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta examined some of the costs associated with surgery. On Anderson Cooper 360 he explained that renting the operating room could cost $3,000 per hour. An IV bag could cost over $200 while surgical staplers could cost upwards of $1,200. He went through a list of other devices including: chest tubes to treating chest compression - $1,100, sutures for $200, and biopsy needles for $800.

Cautions Concerning Life Insurance Annuities

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(Best Syndication News) – Recent fines assessed against two insurance companies highlights the importance of understanding your life insurance policy. The Department of Insurance for the state of Missouri fined Nationwide Life Insurance Co. and Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co. for not taking the required steps to ensure that Waddell & Reed Inc supervision and control were adequate.

"Annuities can be highly complex products," said John M. Huff, director of the Missouri Department of Insurance. He is right; annuities are not your typical run of the mill insurance option.

Health Care Bill Passes Senate – What Are The Differences Between House and Senate Versions

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Nevada Senator Harry Reid today flanked by supporters
source: Reid

(Best Syndication News) The United States Senate passed an overhaul of the health care system this morning as votes fell along party lines. Like any controversial legislation, it was hailed as a great breakthrough by supporters but denounced by opponents (see details of the bill below).

Vice President Joe Biden sat in as President of the Senate for this historic vote. “The Yays are 60 and the Nays are 39”, HR 3590 as amended passes the Senate with more votes than required over the simple majority. The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” will require all Americans to purchase private health insurance.

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Top Dental Providers in the US

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If you are looking for dental insurance, then undoubtedly, you will need a list of the best providers so that you can contact them to request quotes or make comparisons. I have prepared the following list below which comprises of the top dental providers in the United States:

  • Aetna Dental Access

It has 64,000 dental professionals in its network so you can be certain to find at least one specialist in your area that will accept their plans. Their family plans start at $149.95. As this is a large company you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of and even though their plans are inexpensive, they offer high quality service.

What is Supplemental Medicare and Who Offers it in California?

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Some of the important health insurance companies of California include Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, PacifiCare, Blue Shield of California and Aetna. Supplemental medical insurance is a private health care policy provided by private insurance companies. These plans provide many health care expenses which are not covered under the original health care insurance policy. It is also called Medigap because it covers the gap left by original health care insurance policies.

To be eligible for supplemental Medicare policy, it is required for you to enroll in part A and B of original health insurance policy. Either you can opt for these plans during open enrolling period or you can undergo medical screening and buy the policy individually.

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