What Constitutes Bad Faith Insurance Practices?

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Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. Contrary to how it may feel when you are pursuing your claim, the insurance company has a legal duty to honor the contract, and live up to its end of the deal. Your insurance company cannot just pay the claims it feels like paying. When an insurance company denies a legitimate claim it is a breach of contract.

A duty to act in good faith
Insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith. This means to act reasonably and treat you, the insured, fairly. They have a duty to honor the contract and pay for legitimate claims. Insurance companies are notorious for looking for a way to deny or underpay claims, putting their own interests before the interests of the insured. This is not acting in good faith.

About Gerber Life Insurance

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We’ve all heard of Gerber baby food and most people can even conjure that iconic image of the Gerber baby’s face on all of those mini glass jars in the grocery store. But not many people know about the Gerber Life Insurance Company
(, which was formed in 1967 as a subsidiary of the Gerber Products Company, made famous by its widely popular Gerber baby food.

Also known as Gerber Life, the insurance subsidiary offers a wide range of life insurance
( plans that are crafted to help babies (and their families) enjoy the most secure financial future possible. Just as the infamous Gerber baby food company earned parents’ trust for almost a century, Gerber Life is trusted by parents to help them provide secure futures for their families.

The Gerber Life Insurance Company is one of America’s top “direct-response” marketing insurance companies, which serves as a testament to Gerber’s beloved brand image. Gerber Life is also, not surprisingly, the industry leader in juvenile life insurance, although they have policies for all ages and situations. Gerber has more than 2.9 million policies issued throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The Medicare Supplement Insurance That Fits You The Best

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It is not at all a disappointing position if you have Medicare insurance but do not have any Medicare supplement insurance along with that. Actually you are in a bit advanced position that those who holds Medicare supplement plans that does not suits with their condition and still paying for the high premium every year. If you are a fresher’s in the market this page may guide a few steps to you about the process to get the best Medicare supplement insurance plan for you. Do not hurry up; take time to make your decision. Before that, start with the following homework.

The basic information about the reason that leads you towards Medicare supplement insurance plan. As you know Medicare does not costs the whole of your healthcare expanse but covers it in a partial way.

Term And Whole And Universal, Graded Premium And Variable life insurance

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Term and whole and universal life insurance are the the types of policies you are most likely to encounter when you set out to get quotes or, in general, examine life insurance policies. There are, however other types that not many people know much about.

This may be because the companies or the agents themselves just haven't taken the time to promote them much, or perhaps, the agents are not qualified to market some of them. The other policies I refer to are the graded premium life policies, the variable life and the variable universal life policies.

Term Insurance

Democrats Respond To Sarah Palin

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(Best Syndication News) The Democrat Party has prepared a response to former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s Facebook statement that health care reform will raise the cost of health insurance on families and drive up the national debt. Jen O'Malley Dillon, Executive Director for the Democrat National Committee, says the former Alaska Governor is wrong.

In a previous statement Palin said that health care reform included a provision for death panels. These panels would determine who should live and die. As it turned out, the end-of-life panels were the idea of Republicans in Congress and the Democrats included the provision to get their votes. Now those Republicans say they are against the idea.

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