Doctor Oz TV Show - Dr. Oz Free Health Care Clinic in Houston

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[Best Syndication News] The Doctor Oz TV show put together a free health care clinic in Houston, Texas to help individuals that don't have access to health care. On the show they had a number of health cases that really got you thinking about the health care in America, and how it is really scary because you could be unlucky and end up with out health insurance or an ability to afford health care.

One case was of a women that had a heart problem and needed a pacemaker. She found out that her heart was operating a only 25 percent, and on the show Doctor Oz introduced a doctor that would be able to help with a pacemaker implant.

Another case was a man that has cancer on his lower lip. It is so severe the cancer that it covers the whole entire lower lip and has moved into his lymph nodes in his neck. He didn't have health insurance and couldn't get work because of his disfiguring cancer on the lip. Doctor Oz introduced several doctors that would work with him to remove the cancer tumor growth, and to reconstruct his face along with the cancer treatments. He also has to stop smoking, which probably caused the skin cancer to develop on the lip. What was really shocking is that the doctors that specialized in the ear, nose, throat said that the severity of the tumor is something they see quite often.

Key Differences between Terminal Illness and Critical Illness Cover

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With so many types of insurance policies available nowadays, such a wide choice can often prove to be very confusing to the consumer. It can be difficult to distinguish between the different types of insurance cover available and a clear example of this is terminal illness cover and critical illness cover. Whilst they may sound very similar, the insurance cover they provide is in fact quite different.

Terminal illness cover means that your life insurance or mortgage life insurance policy will pay out the full amount if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, rather than when you die. To qualify your life expectancy must be less than 12 months and cover is not available during the last 18 months of your life insurance, or mortgage life insurance policy term

Top 5 Health Insurance Providers in United States in 2009

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In February the government gave people who lost their jobs in 2009 a big helping hand, agreeing to pay a portion of their COBRA health insurance premium. As part of the stimulus package, Washington is paying 65% of the cost for nine months under the program that lets people keep their health insurance when they leave a job. But eligibility for the subsidy expires at yearend, so those laid off in 2010 will be back to paying the entire cost of their COBRA policies unless Congress acts again.

Typically, employees pay about one-third or less of the cost of health-insurance premiums. So the price of COBRA, which covers the entire premium plus a 2% administrative fee, can be a shocker. Before the subsidy, relatively few people opted for it.

Congressman Buck McKeon Proposes Health Reform

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Buck McKeon – source: Buck McKeon 25th District CA

(Best Syndication News) I’m back in Washington, D.C., where health care continues to dominate House floor speeches and discussion in the halls.

Constituents from across the country have been traveling by car, plane, and bus to make sure their representatives hear them loud and clear on the subject. Earlier this month, hundreds of thousands of Americans marched up Pennsylvania Avenue with signs held high. We are seeing a movement. Everyone wants to see reform and the discussions vary widely on the best way to accomplish that.

Over the past several months, I have been vocal about ensuring Americans have accessible, affordable health care, without government interference with the doctor / patient relationship or a government-run system.

Most Auto Insurance Will Now Cover Part of Rental Coverage

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September 11, 2009 — Credit Card Companies Will Cover Automotive Insurance On Rental Cars If Charged to Their Card. Many individuals seem to have the very same question about their auto insurance when they go on vacation. Will my automotive insurance protect my rental car? You need to make sure you are protected and know how to answer the rental car rep when they ask you if you wish to purchase the rental car insurance.

There is only one way of making sure that you are protected under your basic auto insurance policy. You must take out your documents and look them over. It is always important to look over your insurance policy and then call your insurance provider to discuss it to make sure you have all the coverage that you need.

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