Top 5 Activities to Do With Your Children this Summer Vacation that Don't Cost Much Money

Top 5 Things to Do With Your Children this Summer Vacation that Don't Cost Much Money

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[Best Syndication News] Summer vacation can either seem to drag on forever, or it can be filled with lots of fun activities that don’t have to cost a fortune. Most importantly the time you can spend with your kids will be the most valuable offering that you can do.

The number one thing you can do for you child is give them lots of love and attention. Be interested in what they are doing. By learning about their interests, yep, that could mean sitting down and watching their favorite show, or going online, they will open up to you and you can expand on their interests. They might be extremely interested in rocks, insects, planets, or even a certain computer game. Use this information to propel them into learning.

Actress – Singer Vicki Lawrence Guests on Animal Radio®

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Vicki Lawrence

The multi-talented comedienne, singer, actress Vicki Lawrence (Carol Burnett Show – Mama’s Family) is guest-hosting this weekend’s AM/FM/XM satellite Radio broadcast of Animal Radio®.

Lawrence shares her love for her senior pets. She has two elderly dogs that she would ‘do anything’ for.

Vicki Lawrence also announces her interest in being Obama’s running-mate. “Obama talks CHANGE? Well, I’ve been through THE CHANGE – and it ain’t no pretty thing,” Lawrence utters in her ‘Mama’ character.

The History of Espresso Machines: A Walk through Time

The History of Espresso Machines: A Walk through Time

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For those who wonder where that espresso machine they have in their home came from, here is the history of the espresso machine and the espresso culture we know today.

At this very moment hundreds of thousands of people around the world are enjoying a nice hot espresso. That may sound like a lot, but if you begin to look at the some statistics it becomes quite clear that it is very true. In the US for example coffee represents a $9.4 billion/year industry.

According to the National Coffee Association, it is estimated that 54% of the American population drinks coffee every day. In addition to that, 25% of the population drink coffee drinks occasionally. Close to 20% of that coffee is gourmet coffee such as cappuccino or espresso.

The Espresso Machine: Brewing that Perfect Morning Cup

The Espresso Machine: Brewing that Perfect Morning Cup

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Many people are always seeking that perfect cup of coffee. The best way to brew that delicious full-flavored, aromatic cup is with an espresso machine.

In homes around the world, as the sun rises, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. People everywhere turn on their drip coffeemakers, their percolators, or get the water ready for their French press. All of this is done in the hopes of making that perfect morning brew.

There are some, however, who already know how to make that perfect cup.

An espresso machine, be it a stove top or pump driven model, is a much better method to get that full flavor, and wonderful aroma into your cup.

The Truth about Coffee: A Look at Fumigation

The Truth about Coffee: A Look at Fumigation

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Whether you know it or not, that coffee you drink each morning is likely chemically treated. In this article we will look a natural alternative to your chemically treated coffee.

When it comes to your morning coffee, it doesn’t need to be said how important it is to you. Without that morning fix your day just doesn’t get the right start, and for many it can be the one point that ruins their entire day. With the importance of that cup of coffee you’d think that most people would know a lot about their favorite morning drink.

However, there is one thing that many people don’t know. Most of the coffee you drink is fumigated with a chemical called methyl bromide which is harsh on the environment. With most of your morning coffee coming from imports, it is actually very likely that your morning brew has been chemically treated to comply with import laws.

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