The Eco-Friendly Chicken Coop

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There is a growing awareness about the impact of anything people do on the environment and it is something that should have been raised a long time ago. Still, it is not too late to ensure that from this point forward, whatever can be done to help the environment should be done, even if it means something as simple as building a chicken coop. It’s a small step, but it’s a start.

Useful not Wasteful

As with any living thing that will consume food products, chickens will produce wastes from the food that they cannot digest. Fortunately, this waste is not really ‘waste’ per se. It can be plant fertilizer.

Turn Fallen Leaves into Fertilizer

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As Mother Nature crowns the trees in your yard with fiery reds, vibrant yellows and flourescent orange, you can easily get swept up in the romance of the season - until those leaves turn brown, drop from the trees and cover your lawn with a suffocating layer of debris. No more celebration. Time to start planning for the hours of backbreaking raking and bagging work ahead of you.

Mulching the leafy lawn debris - using a rotary mower to chop leaves into confetti-sized pieces that stay on the lawn - is a cost-effective, back-saving, and environmentally friendly way to deal with fallen leaves while providing nutrients to your lawn's soil and giving your lawn a good head start for the Spring.

As Seen on TV Product Review - Titan Vegetable Peeler and Julienne Tool

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Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool

[Best Syndication News] I couldn't help myself when I saw an ad for the Titan vegetable Peeler and of course that is not all you get - you also get the Julienne Tool. I was so intrigued by this that I almost ordered from the television ad that day. But days went buy and I said I didn't really need another peeler, but it sure did look sweet, so I went down to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy one for myself. I didn't get the mandolin slicer with it that they offer on the commercial, but it also cost $14.99 for the Titan Peeler and the Julienne Tool. There was an insert inside the package that said if I mail in $3.99 they will send out the mandolin. I don't need the mandolin as I already have two others. (Yes, I am a kitchen gadget junky.)

The Titan peelers are made in china, but they are all metal and seem very sturdy to hold. The metal is thick enough that it looks like it will last a long time. I was worried that the blades would be dull and wouldn't peel worth a darn. I was wrong! It worked really well. The packaging says that the blades are “100% stainless steel ultra sharp blades” and sure enough they teeth on the peeler blades took off the carrots outer shell easily and very quickly and without any extra force from my part.

Getting the Greatest Garden This Summer

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As the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds with greater frequency over coming months, the summer brings with it a wealth of delights and expectations. One pleasure you tend to associate with summer is the beloved garden party. Family and friends, good food and drink, hot weather, barbecues; but nothing beats a garden party, and there's nothing like hosting your own.

Those of us with gardens are more than aware of the pleasures of cracking open a cold beverage in the sun, but what if you don't have enough furniture to accommodate all those guests you want to invite? As fun as it is to roll out some mats and have people sitting on the grass, many people prefer chairs and you may just not have enough to go around.

Spring gardening

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As spring is here, if you love gardening than it will be an exciting time for you whether you have a small garden, are keeping or hanging pots in your balcony, have a large garden etc. We all love a container that has colorful flowers as it is very appealing to the eyes.

When gardening, it’s best to use a bigger pot than a smaller one as it will hold more moisture and will have more space for the roots rather than the latter one. Remember if the roots are healthy , the flowers will be healthy as well. There are flowers that are best when planted in early spring.There are certain flowers that won’t be harmed by the changes in the temperature. Such flowers should be planted in the spring.

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