Food Matters Book Author Shares how to Eat Responsibly and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Food Matters Book Author Shares how to Eat Responsibly and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Food Matters - Mark Bittman

[Best Syndication News] If you are concerned about the environment, want to be healthy, and want to lose weight you might want to check out this book, Food Matters, written by Mark Bittman. The author was recently on NBC’s Today show to share how he eats responsibly and loses weight at the same time.

When being interviewed by Matt Lauer he was asked if this was a diet book. Bittman said that it is more of a philosophy and a way of life. The side effects of following his Food Matters book is that you can easily lose weight. Bittman offered information about the plan on the show.

He eats vegetarian until his evening meal. Then he eats meat at dinner time if he wants to. Bittman points out that meal is a costly not only to our pocketbooks, but also to the environment. He said that eating vegetables are cheap, and easier to grow.

In his book he discusses how eating meat contributes to the ozone layer. He discusses what organic, local, and sustainable means. By eating more vegetables and less meat he said that you can save money and loss weight all at the same help the environment.

Water-storing Polymers Nurture Your Plants

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One way to manage the moisture provided to your plants actually reduces demand for watering. This technology has been applied by farmers and agronomists to improve soil, increase plant production, and conserve water.

Through it:

  • Farm production yields have grown as much as 150 percent.
  • Turf farms have kept grass green throughout the year while diminishing water use.
  • Garden centers and flower shops have increased the shelf life of their plants and cut flowers.
  • Arborists have increased the vitality rate of their seedlings.


How To Exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes In High Desert

How To Exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes In High Desert

See image below

(Best Syndication News) Pinon Hills CA - September is the month that rattlesnakes are born and tiny scorpions enter the homes in the high desert. Although full grown scorpions are too big to squeeze through the cracks in the door or other places where spiders go through, the baby scorpions can and do enter our dwellings.

How to exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes

There are a couple things you can do to protect yourself from these tiny creatures. Most of the baby scorpions only measure about an inch long and less than a millimeter wide. The centipedes may make their way through the toilet or sink. Most of the time they can be found where it is moist.

Animal Repellers for Protection against Animals

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Animal repeller is a safety product used against animal which can harm us such as dogs and bears. Animal repeller is generally used against dogs. We heard about a lot of cases in which a person gets inured by a dog. To get rid of such type of conditions we need animal repellers. Animal repellers are generally used by the mailmen because of the nature of their job. They have to visit a number of houses where a lot of dogs guards the house and they can bite them. A common man also uses Animal repellers during morning walk or at the time he goes to market. One of the most popular dog repeller is Mace muzzle pepper spray.

It effects the breathing tissues of dog and makes it blind for a short duration. This gives us the time to get away. Another type of repeller used for dogs is Ultrasonic dog chaser. It is an electronic device which emits a sound of 135 decibels which is not tolerable for dogs but is inaudible for human ears. The device is targeted at the dog and a button is pressed . It produces a very high pitch sound which thrills the dog providing you that extra bit of time to run away from that spot.

How to Price Lawn Care Mulch Jobs

How to Price Lawn Care Mulch Jobs

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Our Gopher lawn care forum discusses quite a few different issues and one of them is how to estimate lawn care jobs. In a recent post, Gerald asked “Hey guys, I am new to the business and have a few calls from people wanting a price on installing mulch. I am not familiar with pricing mulch jobs. Any help is greatly appreciated. I would like to include the price i pay for the mulch in the total price for the job. Any guidelines ya’ll have for pricing this thanks.”

Chuck responded to this question by saying “Figure out your square footage x depth (I use 4 inches) to get cubic feet. Then convert to cubic yards
It’s cheaper by the yard than by the bag. & I’d just double the material cost for your 1st job, maybe add a little more & see how you do timewise. Adjust accordingly for job #2. Mulch is quick, easy & alot lighter than rocks!”

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