Printable 2010 Calendar – Cherish Family Photos Throughout the Year

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[Best Syndication News] My sister sends a custom made printed calendar every year, and I can't wait to get the 2010 one sent my way. It is a great gift idea to give to your family and relatives so that you can share your memories with each other. If you are thinking about doing your own printable 2010 calendar and don't know where to start. Here are some ideas to get you on your way for a cherished and practical gift for your loved ones.

Do it yourself for Free Printable 2010 Calendar

Well it isn't free because you will have to supply the paper and ink and printer, etc. But you will save money by doing your own calendar printing on your ink jet printer. One popular software package for creating custom calendars is The Printshop Deluxe. You don't have to buy software to print out the 2010 calendar. You can do it for free at several websites.

Here are a few websites that offer Free Printable 2010 Calendars

Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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One of the great things about Christmas is of course decorating the tree. It's a special time of year when the tree arrives in the home and whole family gets to come together to decorate it. Of course, this also means pulling out all the old Christmas ornaments and getting them together, untangling the lights, and hoping that the angel from years past didn't get moldy or break. While all this is wonderful and really allows you to spread the holiday cheer, this year I have a different suggestion for you. Why not try trimming your tree with some homemade Christmas ornaments.

"Homemade?" you ask. Why of course homemade. Let's face it, the Great Recession has bitten into everyone's budget this year and many of us are out of work. We can't afford to spend piles of money for new ornaments. And even if you are working, these are some great ideas that will really bring a family together for the holidays.

Free Christmas Clip Art – Create Custom Greeting Card Family Newsletter

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It's getting time sit down and put together you holiday mailings. You could send regular Christmas cards, and pre-printed gift tags, but you could make it more personal and custom with your computer and the use of free Christmas clip art that is available to download online. Not only can the graphics be used in cards and gift tages, but the free christmas clip art can be used to make unique gifts.

Why create something unique for the holidays? Well, you might want to make something like you would see Martha Stewart create and decide to have a coordinating family newsletter / gift tags to go with it.

Creative Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

If you make food gifts you can use the free Christmas clip art borders to frame in the recipes or the contents of your goodies. Your homemade cookie recipe may be a family tradition that you would like to share the recipe, and by printing out a 3x5 index card with decorative christmas clip art, you will have a beautiful way for friends and family to enjoy your thoughtful gift for the years to come.

Sony Digital Photo Frame with Built in Printer - DPP-F700 Feature Overview

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Sony DPP-F700 Digital Photo Frame and Printer

[Best Syndication News] It just doesn't get any more convenient than this guys; Today, Sony introduced the S-Frame digital photo frame with printer, model number DPP-F700. The digital photo frame will hide the printer when not in use, and fold out when you are ready to print out some mugs shots of the family on the fly.

The digital photo frame has a 7 inch diagonal frame that is capable of printing out 4x6 inch prints with a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi. The photo printer is quick and will print out the photo in just 45 seconds.

But if you want to edit your photo before printing you can do this too by enlarging, reducing, cropping, adding a date stamp, adding a border, adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue, or sharpness.

Home Movie and Video Preservation

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The last couple of generations of Americans have grown up making and watching home movies. Everything has been captured on movie film and video from Baby's first steps to graduation, and from weddings and family reunions to holidays and the birth of the next generation. caught on film. And, how many times have you had to sit through Grandma's vacation movies? Americans are great at making and saving memories, but as time goes by, many of these treasured moments are being lost because they were recorded on a medium that has become outdated.

Digital Pickle offers home video preservation services that will let you convert your favorite home videos or film movies to a modern, high quality format that won't fade, crack, or lose clarity over time. These preservation services are available for movies that have been captured on film such as in an 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm format, or for those that have been recorded in a video tape format like VHS, Beta, Video 8, or DV tapes. Home video preservation will keep your film-based movies from degenerating over the years.

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