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Mother files for Legal Guardianship for Michael Jackson's Three Children

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[Best Syndication News] Only four days after Michael Jackson died unexpectedly, mother, Katherine, has filed a petition to the Los Angeles Probate Court to obtain legal guardianship of his three children.

Jackson's three children are Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7. The two oldest children are mothered by Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife. The youngest child was born to an unnamed surrogate mother.

At this time there hasn't been any news reports that Debbie Rowe is seeking custody of her children. In the petition the document states that there is "no relationship with their biological mother." They also add that they do not know if Rowe would agree to this arrangement.

Bernie Madoff receives 150 Year Sentence for Swindling Billions

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[Best Syndication News] Bernie Madoff who did a fraud investing ponzi scheme amounting to $50 billion was sentenced to 150 years in prison today at a Manhattan federal courtroom. There was $13.2 billion that was accounted for in the courts, but Madoff told his sons it was more like $50 billion.

Judge Denny Chin said that the extensive sentence reflected the "extraordinary evil" and the “staggering human toll” it took on people that had their wealth taken away from them.

Madoff told the court that he thought that he would be able to work his way out of the scheme somehow and that he has regret for leaving a “legacy of shame” for his family name and for the generations to come. The elaborate fraud investing scheme lasted a whole decade.

Hydroxycut class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court

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It has been reported that a class action lawsuit has been filed in a federal court in Los Angeles on behalf of the users of the dietary supplement, Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut was promoted as a weight-loss supplement, an energy enhancer and as a low carbohydrate diet aid. Several Hydroxycut products were recalled on May 1, 2009 after being associated with liver damage, jaundice, rhabdomyolysis, strokes, heart problems and seizures. The lawsuit alleges a failure to warn users of the risks of injury, among other allegations.

The lawsuit alleges that in one case of Hydroxycut use, a 19 year old Hydroxycut user died in 2007 after developing liver failure but the death was not reported to the Food and Drug Administration until last March. The lawsuit also alleges violations of state deceptive practices laws, misrepresentation, false advertising and unjust enrichment.

Hydroxycut lawsuit filed over liver failure caused by Hydroxycut use

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It has been reported that a Wisconsin man has filed a lawsuit against Iovate Health Sciences, the manufacturer of Hydroxycut and Wal-Mart, the store from which he bought Hydroxycut. The man suffered serious health problems from having taken Hydroxycut Rapid Release tablets for less than a month. He took Hydroxycut from March 5, 2008 to March 29, 2008. Soon after, he fell ill and went into the emergency room where he was diagnosed with hepatitis and jaundice.

The man was released from the hospital, only to return within two weeks with worsening symptoms. He was diagnosed with acute hepatitis with necrosis of the liver and was hospitalized for eleven days.

About Hydroxycut

Dietary Supplements like Hydroxycut can reach the market without FDA approval

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The Hydroxycut lawyers of Weitz & Luxenberg would like the public to be aware that it has been reported that over-the-counter dietary supplements such as Hydroxycut are not tested by the FDA before they are sold to consumers. Unfortunately, the FDA frequently learns about the hazards associated with dietary supplements after consumers become ill from having used the supplement and the fact of the illness is reported to the FDA.

A significant portion, approximately 15%, of the U.S. population uses over-the-counter dietary supplements. Hydroxycut has been promoted as "America's no. 1 selling weight-loss supplement" in the U.S. Reportedly, more than nine million bottles of Hydroxycut were sold in 2008.

Researchers have suggested that the harmful ingredients in Hydroxycut include hydroxycitric acid, chromium, Camellia sinensis- the tea plant. The latter two have been implicated in medical journals as being potential liver toxins. This finding is significant because Hydroxycut use has been linked to various liver problems such as jaundice and elevated liver enzymes.

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