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Apple iPhone Introduced By Steve Jobs – Includes Internet Access Maps Email Music-Player and Cell Phone

Apple iPhone Introduced By Steve Jobs – Includes Internet Access Maps Email Music-Player and Cell Phone


Apple Inc. introduced their state-of-the-art iPhone Tuesday which combines three devices into one. The iPhone has internet access, including browsing capabilities, maps, and email. The gadget is also an iPod with touch controls and a widescreen. The iPhone is also a phone of course, but Apple forgot to integrate a camera.

The company made their device ultra-thin and lightweight. The large “multi-touch” interface allows you control everything with your finger tips. Apple says this mobile device ushers in an era of “software power and sophistication never before seen”.

But there are already some problems. It appears that Cisco has trademarked and owns the name of their new phone. Cisco has the rights to the iPhone name. Apple has been in negotiations with Cisco for the rights and expects to sign an agreement soon. - Is the Hottest Site on the Internet Right for you? - Is the Hottest Site on the Internet Right for you?

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Almost everyone has heard of and many have also heard of other social networking sites and These sites help us stay connected with those from our past, meet new people, possibly find love, or even increase our professional opportunities. essentially gives users access to all three of the previously mentioned sites through one search tool. Thus, users can look for an old classmate through, and simultaneously by entering the classmate's name in a search box at

Besides helping to locate individuals from one's past, is designed to help people connect through their various interests and relationships. For example, you can type in New York Mets and you will receive a list of people who like the Mets. For those looking for dates, you can even search for singles in your area (I sound like an infomercial). This feature is probably the site's most valuable one because it compiles a list of people who may have similar interests to you rather quickly.

IT Network Security, The New World's Lock and Key

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It's another Monday morning at the office, you've just turned on your computer and logged in - all of a sudden you start to notice that your “Home Page” is changed, your computer is very slow and finally the internet connection is extremely slow.... Your IT Network has just been Hacked!

Security in the workplace has been an issue for years yet something commonly thought of as “internal security” such as cameras and locked doors. Today the world has grown and evolved into a computer driven technology, providing innovative e-criminals the opportunity to take advantage of this situation and they are benefiting by your lack of network security knowledge and use of older technology.

Seven Member Shuttle Crew Will Drop Off Member at Space Station – Mission STS-116 will Attach Solar Array Truss

Seven Member Shuttle Crew Will Drop Off Member at Space Station – Mission STS-116 will Attach Solar Array Truss

Space Station

The Space Shuttle Discovery is in its third day of mission STS-116 to deliver another solar array truss segment for the International Space Station and provide a crew member for long-duration space habitation aboard the station. This is the first time in four years that the shuttle, rather than the Russian Soyuz, has brought a crew member for a long-term stay.

The seven person crew will integrate an 11 by 15 by 14 foot high segment onto the station. It will serve as a “spacer” and be mated to the P4 truss that was attached in September during the STS-115 mission of Atlantis. Attachment of the 4,000 pound (1,800 kilogram) P5 sets the stage for the relocation to its final assembly position of the P6 truss and the pair of solar arrays that have been temporarily stored atop the station’s Unity module for six years.

How To Download Ipod Games

How To Download Ipod Games

Apple iPod

Before I wrote this article I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the afternoon sun while playing Me and My Katmari on my Ipod. Now I love downloading Ipod games but until recently I didn’t even know you could download games onto your Ipod until my friend John showed me how.

It’s quite easy to download Ipod games. Most sites provide the converter you need in order to put the Ipod software downloads onto your Ipod.

Once you’ve downloaded the games of your choice, you can play them directly on your Ipod Mini, Ipod Nano or video Ipod.

There are so many different games you can download to your Ipod; sports, action, strategy, puzzles, driving, adventure, simulations and role-playing. Some of the most popular games at the moment are action games such as Persuit Force, Daxter and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Popular shooter games include Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials. A popular arcade/puzzle game is Me and My Katmari. Two popular fighting games are Fight Night: Round 3 and Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai.

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