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Professional in-office teeth whitening has become the number one cosmetic dental procedure in the world. Professional in-office teeth whitening takes place under carefully monitored conditions in a safe, pain-free environment.

One of the first things you notice about other people is their smile. The first thing people notice about you is your smile. A whiter, brighter smile is a beautiful thing. It makes a person feel good about themselves and gives a person an air of self-confidence.

White, sparkling teeth are what we all start out with as children. Unfortunately, life choices and the aging process rob us of that. Certain behaviors, food we eat and beverages we drink, contribute to stained, darkened teeth. Drinking colas, red wine, coffee and teas or smoking are some of the culprits that rob us of our white, youthful smiles.

Caring for your porcelain veneers

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You’ve just had porcelain veneers put in place and you feel confident about your beautiful new smile. With the proper care, your porcelain veneers should be able to last for at least ten years.

What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that fit over teeth to hide stains and to improve the shape of chipped or uneven teeth. A veneer is placed on a tooth after the enamel is removed and the tooth is modified to achieve a more optimal shape.

What Can Dermal Fillers Do for Women and Men?

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Imagine spending less than 30 minutes in a doctor’s office and coming out with an immediate improvement of deep wrinkles, fine lines and even scars. Thanks to the injection of a dermal filler, that can easily be a reality today.

Sometimes dubbed a “liquid facelift,” dermal fillers are soaring in popularity for men and women. They are a quick, affordable and non-invasive way to improve the look and feel of your skin, with little risk. In fact, aside from Botox, dermal fillers are the most popular non-surgical way to give your face a natural-looking boost.

How a Dermal Filler Can Help

What’s Impacting Your Bite?

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Do you have pain in your jaw? Are your teeth crowding causing alignment of your teeth? If so, you may have an impacted tooth. Teeth that can become impacted are bicuspids, wisdom teeth, or any of your other teeth. They become impacted when they cannot emerge from your gum line. It is very important to remove impacted teeth before they cause serious issues. Oral surgery is the only option for removing teeth.

Problems Impacted Teeth May Cause
Impacted teeth may cause any number of heath problems including:

What is TMD?

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TMD and TMJ are often used interchangeably, though they do not mean the same thing. You may have even heard your own dentist use the terms when speaking to you about your jaw.

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. The TMJ attaches the lower jaw to the skull and it can move up and down, from side to side, and forward and back. The TMJ is the most complex joint in the human body and its proper function allows us to eat, swallow, speak, and yawn.

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. This is a broad term and can refer to any disease or disorder that occurs in the jaw joint. Some of the symptoms of TMD are:

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