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Bounty Paper Towels Bring It Music Video on Youtube – The New way to Market Products

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[Best Syndication News] Procter & Gamble Inc., the manufacturer of the Bounty brand paper towels has released a YouTube music video called “Bring It.” It is a funny but interesting new way the companies are reaching the consumers. The days of 30 second ad spots on television are just so yesterday. Viral video marketing is the new way to market products.

The goal for the Bounty paper towels is to entertain but at the same time educate the consumers on their product. The used geeky scientist guys to portray hip hop rapper dudes in a song where they show how cool and strong their paper towels are because they have interlocking fibers. They demonstrate that the pool balls be held up by a Bounty paper towel, even when adding water. I can see kid's across the US using this as their science fair project. At the end they have fun by rolling one of them up in the paper towels. The Bounty Paper Towel youtube video is a good example of promoting their product in a fun way that educates. Watch the video below.

Opinion Place Servers Falter As Traffic Spikes Online Survey Company

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(Best Syndication News) The extra traffic from recent news stories has brought down the servers. Rather than seeing the Opinion Place interface, participants got a message asking for their email. The site is legitimate, but apparently the extra traffic caused the servers to burp.

As the economy falters and people are looking for new avenues to generate income, Opinion Place, Gather, Hub Pages and other sites are paying people to write or express their opinion.

Rather than update your Facebook or MySpace profile for free, many web surfers are turning to social networking sites that pay.

Business Credit Report: Necessary and useful Service for You

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A ref="">business credit report is a report that shows a credit worthiness of the company. This document provide by bank or credit report agency. The information it have like  a business person’s current financial situation and credit history as well as public records such as insolvency, foreclosures and judgments. These information culled by creditors directly and also from the different sources.

It’s very important for any business to maintain a good business credit report so that when time comes to take a loan or financial assistance then they get the help in few simple steps without any fuss.  Because lenders do check the credit worthiness of the business and for this they take the help of this report.  A good report can also make difference in your business as per your customers is concerns. This report can help you to maintain essential things like their credit risk, fraud, target marketing offers, and automate decision making.

Business Finance Strategy to Increase Cash Flow for Small Businesses

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Before the market imploded, every other commercial on television was for competitive lending practices with the premise of banks competing to offer the best rate and terms for loans to small and mid-sized companies or individuals. Well, that no longer exists as balance sheet losses pile up and banks keep a tight leash on credit. In response, many small and mid-sized businesses have turned to alternatives strategies to source capital needed to grow their business.

The Receivables Exchange, allows small and mid-sized businesses to sell their accounts receivable to investment entities that compete in real-time to purchase those receivables, giving the business the control rather than the financing institution. By using receivables finance, these companies can quickly increase their cash flow and take control of their working capital.

How to Sell Accounts Receivable

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Small to medium-sized businesses are always looking for creative ways to raise capital and improve their cash flow with as little cost and few risks as possible. Using an online auction site, these businesses can sell accounts receivable to improve cash flow so they can grow.

Here’s how it happens:


1. Business must meet the minimum criteria to sell accounts receivable on the auction site.
2. Businesses must have at least two years of operational history.
3. Though the invoices are open to international Buyers, the business must be registered to operate in the United States.
4. The business must have a minimum of $1.5 million in annual sales.

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