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History of Workers’ Compensation

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The Way It Was

While there is some indication that a form of Workers’ Compensation existed over 1,000 years B.C, England and Germany had laws on their books in the early 1800s protecting workers who were injured on the job. Beginning in 1855 and continuing to the early 1900s, 27 states passed laws allowing employees to sue employers.

Prior to 1902, the employee had to file a civil suit and prove that the employer was at fault for their injuries and for the accident that caused them. This was often very difficult. Even when employee won the lawsuit, the compensation was not always adequate to cover the full loss he or she incurred.

The Seeds of Change

The Most Affordable Catalog Strategy: One-Page Catalogs

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Cheap catalog printing is synonymous with the one paper or one page catalog. Catalog printing has come to a point these days where large full color catalogs has become a risky venture that simple and cheaper options are always preferred.

That is why more and more shops have started in cheap catalog printing using the simple one page catalog as their primary tool. These types of catalogs offer several significant advantages that make them an economical choice in these trying times.

What is a one-page catalog?

Kinds of Briefcases You Can Look For

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Briefcases are more than a piece a bag sold in the market. They are an integral part of office goers, be it man or woman. So, it’s also a big business for the people manufacturing briefcases for the office goers.

Briefcases are basically sold on the basis of design, color, durability and the fabric. The price of the bag often comes quite later on in the line of selling pre-positions. The major classification of briefcase is like this – there are – leather, nylon and fabric, portfolio and briefbags, flapovers, attaché cases, women’s, pilot and catalog, wheeled cases, hard siders, soft siders, expandable and envelope briefcases.

This is the basic classification, after this there is further classification in the name of how things can be stored in the briefcase. These are double compartments, detachable wheeled case, expandable double compartment case, belting leather case, cowhide leather partner briefbag, magnetite counselor case, belting leather triple gusset flapover, croco slim underarm case, leather chancellor attaché case, executive leather case, leather laptop attaché case, business tote, leather detachable wheeled women’s case, three way zip women’s business tote, leather pilot catalogue case with telescoping handle and so on. There is a large list of briefcases to choose from.

Back Office Outsourcing: A Smart Way Of Increasing Profits By Reducing Costs

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The very famous business process outsourcing (BPO) trend is some what synonymous to back office outsourcing. Back office work relates to that mundane paper work that people often find boring and a waste of time and talent. Hence these tasks attract a high cost since people doing these jobs need to be paid well in order to do these monotonous and routine jobs. There basically relate to doing the same thing over and over again until the employee gets so bored that he would finally quit. Thus sending these jobs to someplace far where it won’t cost much as well as it being back office won’t affect the business adversely in fact only add to profit figures.

There are plenty of countries undertaking these back office jobs due to various reasons for example they have a workforce which is highly skilled, ready and more than willing to do these jobs due to poverty in the third world nations. These situations have forced the developed countries to reconsider their opinions on the developing ones. Developing countries have been placing a high amount of attention on education making their workforce highly skilled and professionally qualified to do these tasks. Countries like India and China receive a lot of back office outsourcing work due to their lower costs and currency advantages.

Give Your Business Cards Energy

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We cannot deny the fact that business cards, even done by an online business card printing or a traditional company, has a very important role to play in your marketing campaign.

In fact, no business should be without a business card, even cheap business cards at that. Just like your print brochures, your business cards can make or break your business.

Your business cards give the introduction that your target clients need to get to know you. Your cards, even if it is cheap business cards, carry your vital information in its limited space and size. Your custom brochures on the other hand, provide your clients and prospects with the information on your products and services that helps them to decide to take you up on your offer.

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