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First Lady Michelle Obama promoting Program to Fight Childhood Obesity

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[Best Syndication News] Michelle Obama has been gardening at the Whitehouse with local kids participating in the project. She has continued to express her interest in keeping kids healthy and active. The latest efforts has been the launch of the website letsmove.gov website which helps to inform and educate parents and children ways to stay healthy by eating right and being active.

There has been public service announcements aimed at children to eat better and get active which a YouTube channel has been created for these spots that air on television.

The letsmove.gov website suggests kids get involved with rigorous physical activity for 60 minutes each day. They point out that this is realitively small when you consider how much time is spent on a computer, the Internet, video games, and television watching.

FDA is asking for a 23 Percent Increase from Last Budget - over 4 Billion

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[Best Syndication News] The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a $4.03 Billion budget to President Obama which is a 23 percent increase over the $3.28 billion it currently is working with in order to improve the agency. The FDA is asking for $750 million more dollars than they did the previous budget.

The budget increase would help overhaul the agency so that it will be better able to protect our food supply, our medicines and to help fine tune their stop smoking cigarettes campaigns and education programs.

The largest lump sump increase would go toward improving food safety with an extra $318.3 million going into this to establish what they call a national food safety system that would provide better inspection and response from the agency.

Senator Scott Brown And His Pro-Choice Position

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Scott Brown on This Week

(Best Syndication News) Republicans celebrated the victory of Senator-elect Scott Brown in the Massachusetts election, but will he really be the conservative they hoped for? Brown has said that he favored the Massachusetts health care system which forces citizens to purchase private health insurance with help from the state. He is against portions of the current health care bill in Congress, but favors the core principles.

Now Brown tells ABC News Barbara Walters on “This Week” that he is pro-choice and supports welfare programs. He describes himself as a "fiscal conservative" and a “social moderate”. According to a report in USA Today, his mother was "on welfare for a time" and Brown remembers "getting the blocks of cheese and worrying about how we're going to pay the bills."

Obama's State of the Union Address Tonight will focus on the Economy - Watch Online and Join the Discussion

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President Obama – source: .gov

[Best Syndication News] President Obama will be giving the State of the Union Address tonight. His speech will focus on the economy, jobs, and steps needed to rebuild nation financially, this is according to what BBC reported.

The speech will be broadcast on television at 9 p.m. EDT. You can also watch it live on the Internet by clicking on the video below. Or you can visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/.

You can participate in a discussion on Facebook during the address and afterwards as well. You can join the debate at http://apps.facebook.com/whitehouselive/

Green Retrofit Program - Renovating 198 Apartment Units in NYC with 3.6 Million Dollars Funded by the US Government

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[Best Syndication News] The Green Retrofit Program Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will be funding $3.6 million to make around 200 apartment units in New York City more energy Efficient.

There is a total of $250 million allocated for the Green Retrofit Program which is being run by the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) government agency.

The New York apartment upgrades are going to be completed on Section 8 assisted property. The improvements are said to reduce the utility costs by around 25 percent. They will be installing energy efficient refrigerators, installing 10 high-efficiency boilers which will replace 32 old boilers. They will be installing rooftop solar panels. They cabinets will be replaced and the countertops will be made from recycled materials. They also will install EnergyStar ceiling fans and the CFL light bulbs and fixtures that will hold the low energy light bulbs. They also will replace windows, toilets, shower heads, and flooring.

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