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The Doomsday Clock – Watch it get Reset Tomorrow Online

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[Best Syndication News] The doomsday clock will be reset on Thursday and you can watch it get set live on the internet. The closer the clock is to midnight the more the world is closer to nuclear war or the end of mankind so to speak. The doomsday clock is used as a visual reminder of mankind brink of reaching the end of the world as we know it, or the apocalypse.

The doomsday clock current time is five minutes before midnight. It was last changed in January of 2007 when they moved the clock forward two minute from seven minutes to five minutes before midnight. They changed the clock in 2002, and in 1998. In the history of the clock it has been changed a total of 19 times, tomorrow with make it 20 times.

Sarah Palin hired on as a FOX News Commentator

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[Best Syndication News] Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is going to be working as a commentator on the FOX News network. This surely will boost FOX News ratings as conservatives often enjoy Palin and also watch the FOX News network.

Palin begins this Tuesday at at 8 pm/ 11 ET with Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor. FOX is calling her position with the network as a political contributor. She has signed to a multi-year deal to work across several of FOX News channels including FOX Business Channel, FoxNews.com as well as on FOX News Radio.

Palin will host from time to time, Fox News Channel's "Real American Stories," which will begin airing in 2010. The show is about people overcoming tough times across the United States. She also we be commentating for the network during political events.

Ray Stevens sings Anti Obama Care Political Song “We the People” - Tea Party Convention and Sarah Palin

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[Best Syndication News] Ray Stevens didn't hold back his disgust for the overhaul of the health care system. I am not sure if he is for health care for everyone, or if he is more disgusted with the forced insurance premiums.

In his song, “We the People” Ray Stevens protests the legislation of “Obama Care.” He sings you vote Obama care we are going to vote you out of there. He said that we are “being royally defecated upon.” Stevens then continued to joke about the politicians going into the medical business after they are out of work because of all the red tape that will go on.

This song has become a sort of anthem that a protest group called The Tea Party Patriots. They are typically conservatives that have been protesting across the country.

Health Care Bill Passes Senate – What Are The Differences Between House and Senate Versions

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Nevada Senator Harry Reid today flanked by supporters
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(Best Syndication News) The United States Senate passed an overhaul of the health care system this morning as votes fell along party lines. Like any controversial legislation, it was hailed as a great breakthrough by supporters but denounced by opponents (see details of the bill below).

Vice President Joe Biden sat in as President of the Senate for this historic vote. “The Yays are 60 and the Nays are 39”, HR 3590 as amended passes the Senate with more votes than required over the simple majority. The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” will require all Americans to purchase private health insurance.

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Vote For Senate Health Care Bill Moved Up To Christmas Eve Morning – Program Details

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Senator Harry Reid Explains His Position - source: gov

(Best Syndication News) A vote on health care reform was expected in the Senate on Christmas Eve in the evening, but a deal worked out between Democrats and Republicans will move that vote to the morning. This will give lawmakers a chance to make it home to be with their families on Christmas day (See the bill details below).

The Senate has not been in session on Christmas Eve since 1963. In 1913 the controversial Federal Reserve Act was passed in the days leading up to Christmas. Republicans do not have the votes to stop this health care bill, but they have been able to keep the debate going until the 24th. Even President Obama’s Hawaii vacation trip is on hold until after the vote.

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