Hand Surgery: Dealing With Various Injuries Relating To Them

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In many, many ways our hands are what separate us from lower life forms. Our hands, when used in conjunction with the boundless imagination and creativity that pours forth from our minds, enable us to create tools, art, and virtually everything that makes humans unique. Like our voices, our hands are one of the most important ways in which we communicate with the world.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, our hands are becoming ever more important in our ability to communicate. Every email, every text, every touch screen we encounter involves our ability to use our hands to shape our message to the world. That is why it can be absolutely devastating when a debilitating injury to the hand occurs.

Carpal Tunnel: Read On To Know More About Its Treatment Options

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If you’ve been waking up with a strange sensation in your hands, such as numbness, tingling, or burning—you might be in the first stages of carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs when a nerve in the wrist of one or both hands becomes compressed, which over time weakens the muscles and causes feelings of numbness.

There may be some pain and discomfort, but the biggest indicator that carpal tunnel is present is a regular feeling of the hand “falling asleep.” If left too long, carpal tunnel can cause permanent damage to the hand, making bending the thumb and index fingers difficult. The causes of this condition are largely attributed to genetic factors; however, some studies point to work-related activities as culprits.

Hand Surgery: Prevent Pain And Surgery With These Hand Exercises

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The hardest working parts of the body are the extremities-your legs keep you mobile and your arms and hands type, grasp, write, create, protect and everything else.

Unfortunately, because we ask so much of our hands, they are very prone to injury from overuse and repetitive use. If you are suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel or other condition, there are some exercises you can do that may stave off surgery for a while.

These exercises are effective in pain reduction, increasing mobility and strengthening the hands to prevent further injury. Do these at home every day:
Rest the arm on a table. Gently flex the wrist up and then down.

Suffering from shoulder pain and stiffness after shoulder surgery?

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Patients undergoing shoulder surgery may be implanted with a shoulder pain pump to manage post-surgical pain. The shoulder pain pump delivers regular doses of pain relieving medication into the shoulder joint. Unfortunately however, research has shown that some pain pumps that deliver pain medication directly to the shoulder joint by a catheter can cause a painful condition known as Chondrolysis (PAGCL).

PAGCL causes excruciating pain that can make everyday activities such as combing or brushing teeth difficult. The pain can even make sitting, standing or lying down uncomfortable. PAGCL also deteriorates the shoulder's cartilage. The only treatment for relief from PAGCL may be shoulder replacement surgery. Some of the shoulder pain pumps found to be defective were made by Stryker, I-Flow and DonJoy corporations.

How to identify migraine and avoid it?

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A migraine is a common and very painful type of headache that affects more women than men. Frequent attacks of migraine may be quite bothersome and may affect quality of life. Steps should be taken to identify and avoid migraine triggers with an aim of reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attack.

How to identify a migraine?

Patients have described migraine as a very painful type of headache in which a throbbing or pulsating pain occurs in one area of the head. Sometimes migraine may be difficult to diagnose as symptoms overlap with other types of headache. Given below are some symptoms associated with migraine that will help you identify migraine from other types of headache.

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