Missing Russian Cargo Ship Found off of Cape Verde Islands

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[Best Syndication News] The mysterious disappearance of a Russian Cargo ship named The Arctic Sea, was reported to have been found off of the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands.

The Cape Verde coastguard was reported by CNN as observing where the ship is heading, while the French defence ministry was reported to have found the ship at 520 miles off of the islands.

The ships management company said that they were not aware that the ship has been located.

The Artic Sea was boarded by hijackers off of the coast of Sweden late in July and they reported this, but then the last that was heard from the ship was when they were in the English Channel.

How to Sell Or Buy a Home "Today" During Difficult Times in South Africa

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Many people want to buy a home while many others want to sell their homes today. But that's an impossible task if we consider the current real estate market and financial situation.

Because of the financial crisis, the banks have no money to lend or they are afraid to take risks.

The Good News: There Is A Solution To Buy or Sell Your Home Today.

To find a solution we had to go back to other difficult times. During the early 1980's building associations demanded that you had to invest the same amount you wanted to borrow. People were up in arms and designed their own solution.

Earn Rice to Give to the Hungry by Playing a Free Educational Trivia Game Online

Earn Rice to Give to the Hungry by Playing a Free Educational Trivia Game Online

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[Best Syndication News] I finally checked out the website, What I liked about the website is that they have put together a concept of productive time wasting. Sometimes when you are online you find yourself wasting time. Kids are also notorious for wasting time playing games and chatting online. So when I tried this out on the kids, I found that not only did they like it but I also liked it too!

The project is sponsored by an ad that is placed at the bottom of the questions. So advertising plays apart of the project, but they are the ones paying for the rice that you earn when you get the questions correct. You don’t have to sign up to play the trivia games. So anytime you feel like doing something nice and want to learn something it is just a great combination. There wasn’t a whole lot of ads on the website, just the one on the bottom.

Al Qaeda Plans Attack For Europe and Saudi Arabia – Africa To Be Used As Staging Area – Osama Bin Laden Isolated In Pakistan

Al Qaeda Plans Attack For Europe and Saudi Arabia – Africa To Be Used As Staging Area – Osama Bin Laden Isolated In Pakistan

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(Best Syndication News) Although Osama bin Laden is isolated from the day to day operations of al Qaeda, the group is planning and preparing for attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, according to CIA director, Michael V. Hayden. While US forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan the terrorist organization is planning attacks in other regions of the world (see video below).

Hayden said the group is making new partnerships to establish new bases. They are “strengthening” in Yemen while moving their veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to stage attacks against the government of Saudi Arabia.

Indian Origin of Egyptian Civilization

The ancient Egyptians in their writings described that they had come "from the south, from a land across the Great Sea", a land which they called "Punt". Some have said "Punt" refers to ancient Somalia but this cannot be for several reasons. Somalia is not separated from Africa by a great sea and the description of the animals and plants given by the ancient Egyptians concerning the land of Punt match exactly with that of the southwestern coast of India (known as Malabar). There is, in fact, considerable archaeological and anthropological evidence that ancient India was the source of ancient Egyptian civilization. The ancient black Indians, known as "Dravidians", (who in ancient times were also known by the Greeks and Egyptians as "Ethiopians") built and laid out ancient Egyptian civilization and, no doubt, in the process also mixed with their black brethren in Africa. The ancient Egyptians, themselves, admitted in their writings that they received their civilization and culture from the Ethiopians, another black "race".

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