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Tips for Losing Weight from author of  “Small Changes, Big Results”

January 2nd, 2006

Tips for Losing Weight from author of  “Small Changes, Big Results”

Small Changes Big Results

Ellie Krieger, a registered dietitian visited on CBS’s The Early Show promoting her book “Small Changes, Big Results”.  She offered some great advice to get you started on the diet road to losing weight.

She offered 6 steps to get you a started on the road to losing weight. 

Tip 1:  Pick snacks that take time to eat.  Since your brain takes 20 minutes to let you know that you are full, she suggests choosing foods that take time to eat. Krieger suggested eating nuts that need to be cracked to eat, and grapefruits that need to be peeled.

Tip 2:  Plan you portions of food by being “mind-full”.  Instead of eating out of the big bag of chips, measure out a small portion in a bowl and put the big bag away before eating.  This will help to cap off the amount of snack you eat and make it less convenient to overeat.


Tip 3: Use smaller plates and tall skinny glasses.  Change your plate size and you can eat less food.  Perception of the food be plentiful makes you think that you have eaten enough.  If you use tall skinny glasses you will feel like you have had plenty versus a short fat glass that holds the same amount.  Researchers from Cornell University and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign both had studies that showed that the size and perception of the plate and glasses changed how much a person ate.

Tip 4:  Eat a first course of soup or salad before the meal.  If you eat a water based soup, not the cream based ones and salad before you eat, Krieger says that you’ll eat less of the main meal.  Try to avoid high calorie salad dressings and cheeses as they will defeat the purpose she warns.


Tip 5:  Eat fruits and vegetables to make you feel full.  Krieger said that the more vegetables you have on your plate, the less of the other higher calorie foods that you will eat.  Vegetables are usually very low in calories.  By having a plate full it can make you feel as if you have had plenty to eat.

Tip 6: Get moving according to Mayo clinic by practicing “NEAT-ness”.  NEAT stands for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis.  What it means is that you burn calories in everyday waking hours beyond workouts at the gym.  The Mayo clinic researchers found that obese people may sit 150 minutes more than a non-obese person.  That sets the obese person to fall behind in the amount of calories that they burn each day, and would burn 350 calories less each day.  Some diets have people wear a pedometer which measures how many steps you make each day.  You should try to get 10,000 steps in a day.  Taking short 5 minute walks and pacing while you are talking on the phone can help boost your NEAT factor. 

Ellie Krieger's book, “Small Changes, Big Results”, is a 12 week planner to get you off to the right start on a pace that will get you going for the long haul.  The problem with many weight loss diets is that the drastic changes cause most people to abandon it for their old habits because the changes were too overwhelming.  She approaches diet and exercise as a modification one at a time and eases you into lifelong changing habits over a period of time.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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