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Study finds that Birth Control Pill can cause sustained loss of Libido


January 3rd, 2006

Study finds that Birth Control Pill can cause sustained loss of Libido

birth control pill

A new study to be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that birth control pills can possibly cause women’s sex drive to wane even after they stop taking the pill.

Other studies have reflected that birth control pills can change women’s sexual desires while taking the pill, however this study found that the oral contraceptives change proteins found in blood which might be responsible for the long term damage.

As many as 80 percent on American women born after 1945 have taken birth control pills who could be having this problem.  Other causes of change in women’s sexual desire are from sleep depravation, stress, and alcohol.  It can also be caused by the psychology of a bad relationship.


The study did a survey of 125 young women, which could be too narrow of a segment to come to a firm conclusion.  More research should be conducted.  Originally it was thought that the libido would return after a month of not taking the pill, this study believes it is more permanent.

They researchers measured the sex hormone binding globulin which was seven times higher with women that were taking the birth control pill.  The levels remained high even after the women stopped.  The hormone level a year later with these women had up to four times higher levels than women that never took birth control pills. 


Not all birth controls work the same way and further testing would be needed to confirm this with all types.  This particular birth control pill lowered testosterone levels.  Lowered testosterone levels will very likely cause lowered sexual interest in women.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer





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