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Magnet Therapy needs better research to Prove Benefits

January 6th, 2006

Magnet Therapy needs better research to Prove Benefits

Magnetic Insoles

Scientists reported in this week’s British Medical Journal that magnetic devices including bracelets, insoles, wrist and knee bands, back and neck braces, and pillows and mattresses may not be worth the money.

Professors Leonard Finegold and Bruce Flamm estimate that there is over 1 billion dollars spent globally on these kinds of magnetic devices each year.  They feel that the studies that are currently out on magnet therapy were not well done.  It would be hard to have blind study in proving the effectiveness of the treatment.  They also warn that if there is pain, there could be an underlying major condition that may go left untreated.


Magnet therapy is marketed and sold without any restrictions.  Successful athletes promote the use of magnets.  The scientists in the report question even how the magnet therapy in theory can even work and say that with such extraordinary claims promoters should include extraordinary evidence.

The authors say that if you try to use magnet therapy, buy the least expensive treatment. They joke; it will at least save you the pain in your wallet.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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