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Wine drinkers eat healthier than Beer drinkers

January 20th, 2006

Wine drinkers eat healthier than Beer drinkers

Wine and Fruit

A study first published in the BMJ online edition showed that wine drinkers had healthier diets than beer drinkers.

The researchers studied data from 3.5 million sales transactions from 98 retail supermarket chains in Denmark over a time period from September 2002 through February 2003.

They organized the data in groups of wine only, beer only, mixed, or non-alcohol consumers.  They also kept track of what items they bought and the total amount of each transaction spent on a shopping trip.

 Researchers discovered that wine buyers were more likely to buy healthy food items such as olives, fruit, vegetables, poultry, cooking oil, low-fat cheese, and meat.  Beer consumers bought more often pre-cooked food dishes, sugar, cold cuts, chips, pork, butter or margarine, sausages, lamb, and soft drinks.


The researchers assume that the people purchasing the wine and beer are also drinkers of the beverages.  Other research data shows that in the US, Denmark, and France that wine drinkers tend to eat fruit, vegetables, fish, and cook with oil and stay away from saturated fat more often.

Wine has substances which offer health benefits, and may be why health conscious people tend to drink wine.  Health benefits need to be addressed on the whole with nutrition and exercise as part of the whole picture.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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