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Botox Treatments at Botox Parties may be Dangerous

January 31st, 2006

Botox Treatments at Botox Parties may be Dangerous

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With news of fake Botox being distributed, how do you know which Botox treatment is legitimate?  The official Botox website lets you search for doctors in your area that offer Botox treatments.

Many people are going to unauthorized and illegal places to get cosmetic treatments, such as Botox parties.  It is in these circumstances that you are putting yourself at risk for a slew of problems.  According to the Miami Herald, a 53-year-old Florida woman died in 2001 from getting silicon injections in her buttocks at one of these types of parties. 


Another case reported by the same newspaper said that a Dr. Bach McComb's who had a suspended medical license advertised on flyers ''Botox blowout, only $199”.  Mr. McComb is currently been sentenced for 3 years in prison because the Botox was not the real thing; in error, he gave injections of live cultures of botulinum toxin which was clearly labeled not for use on humans.  He did not do this maliciously; he did so in error, causing himself and 3 other people to get ill from this mistake.


The moral of the story is unfortunate, that when you are going to go through any medical procedure you should check to make sure the doctor has a license to do cosmetic medical procedures.  You can also find a doctor through the botoxcosmetic.com website which will direct you to a professional cosmetic dermatologist’s office.  You can shop around a little bit but you can expect to pay about the same amount at each office.

Your health insurance will also have lists of doctors that are dermatologist as well and this may also help you find a legitimate doctor for the Botox treatment.  Health insurance will more than likely not cover this treatment, but knowing that you are going to a licensed doctor should put your mind at ease.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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