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How to get Pregnant by Understanding Emotional Desires during Ovulation

January 18th, 2006

How to get Pregnant by Understanding Emotional Desires during Ovulation


Researchers believe that some women may be able to detect their most fertile part of their cycle by the desires to cheat on their mates.  This happens when women find their mates less sexually attractive than other men.

Researchers at UCLA and the University of New Mexico did investigations in womenís fertility and their desires.  The researcherís studied 38 women that are co-ed college students.


The women were asked when they believed ovulation would happen.  They were also asked to rank their partners sexually attractiveness and whether they thought they were in a good long-term relationship.  The first question was to determine how desirable the partner was and the second was to reveal the stability and potential financial security of the relationship.

Researchers asked these women to write in a diary for 35 days to show how they felt about their attraction to other men and to see if they flirted or acted out their attractions. They also rated their own sexual attractiveness and desires as well as how they felt in their romantic relationships.

Martie G. Haselton, a UCLA researcher on this study said, "Women know they have attractions that come and go, but they probably don't realize that these urges are tied to their cycle ó as well as our evolutionary past.  They just know that suddenly one day they're attracted to their hunky neighbor or handsome co-worker."


After going through the diaries, the researchers found that there is a change during the period of ovulation.  The women had felt more attractive and desirable during the mid cycle.  The researchers believe that men will become protective of their partner during times of ovulation without being aware of the process.

Steven W. Gangestad, a University of New Mexico psychologist who also worked on this study said, "It's not just that men are more jealous and possessive when their partners ovulate, but they're also more attentive to their partners and more giving to their needs,"

Women are at the greatest risk of infidelity at the time of ovulation especially if they do not find their partner sexually attractive. However, the male in this relationship will be more protective and guarding the women.


If the woman is extremely attractive the men are on guard duty all the time.  The men in these relationships feel like they could lose their partner at any time.

If you are trying to get pregnant you can also get over the counter ovulation test kits that help you determine your most fertile time.  If you have fertility problems and are having trouble getting pregnant you should see a doctor specializing in fertility.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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