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Managing Anger – Study says Angry Men cause Injuries

February 1st, 2006

Managing Anger – Study says Angry Men cause Injuries


A new report published in the January/February issue of Annals of Family Medicine found that Anger increases the chance of a person becoming injured.  Men were injured from anger more often than women.

The researchers studied more than 2,500 patients.  By going over the interviews of the people that were seriously injured in the emergency room, the researchers found that 31.7 percent of these patients had some amount of irritability just before being injured.  There was 18.1 percent that reported being angry and 13.2 percent felt hostile before the injury happened.


Traffic accidents patients did not feel angry before their accident.  There was a common link with people that had intentional injuries from another person that was angry at the time of the injury.

The researchers reinforced that anger causes injuries and the relationship between anger and injury is very real.  It would be good to learn to manage anger and try not to get upset by things as a trip to the hospital doesn’t sound like a good time.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer




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