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The Jerusalem Diet – 24 Hour Dieting

February 22nd, 2006

The Jerusalem Diet – 24 Hour Dieting

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The Jerusalem Diet was created by Ted Haggard, a pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.  The reason that the diet is called “The Jerusalem Diet” was that in 1998 he traveled to Jerusalem and had gained too much weight.  He thought he would eat only fruits, veggies and nuts for one day.  After a day of this he felt better and the clothes fit better.  His diet encourages you to weigh yourself every day so that you don’t get off your goal weight.

If he gains a pound or two he restricts his diet and exercises for an hour.  This usually turns into a weight correction within 24 hours.  He doesn’t promote fast weight loss, but makes it more manageable.  The diet also addresses addictions to food, cigarettes, and caffeine.  It sounds like exercise should be on a regular basis, more than just once a week.  He recommends 14 super foods to eat on the diet which are healthy foods choices.


The diet asks you to keep a diary of your weight and to purchase a digital scale.  By weighing yourself everyday it will keep you thoughtful of your weight goals and help keep you from overeating.  I am not sure how weight fluctuations are calculated into this diet, as it seems like you could have a number of times a week that there are extra pounds.  I am not sure if you diet 3 extra days that week because you weigh more.  I am sure the book clearly explains the dieting ins and outs.  It might be better tailored for someone that is close within their weight range, as their weight will not fluctuate as dramatically from day to day.  However, it could still be applied to a severely overweight person, but have an understanding that your weight will fluctuate.


What is good about this diet is that you are not required to buy expensive foods or supplements.  The goal is to change a person’s attitude about what they eat and to “lighten up” in a physical, spiritual, and emotion sense.  You don’t count calories.  The goal is to stay on a diet for just 24 hours. It is my understanding that if you can stick to this diet for one day, it may help you lose around one pound a week.

It is an interesting approach to dieting, because it might make it more manageable to actually stick with one day a week on a diet and lose a pound a week.  It still takes a certain level of discipline and focus just like any diet.  If losing weight was easy we would all be skinny.  The diet is worth a try and may help a person get on track without over stressing them with drastic changes.

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