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VeriChip has VeriMed Patient Identification ID Chip Implants being used during Medical Emergencies

March 5th, 2006

VeriChip has VeriMed Patient Identification ID Chip Implants being used during Medical Emergencies

VeriMed implant Scanner

An implanted chip in a person would be able to tell emergency workers and doctors a personís name and contact information as well as any medical conditions.  There is another company in Cincinnati Ohio called that is using implanted chips at a company for accessing a room.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, there is an ďImplant NightĒ at the Barcelonaís Baja Beach Club.  On Tuesday nights customers that come with chip implants donít wait in line and get their chip scanned.  By scanning the customerís chip it will automatically withdraw the funds from the bank account to pay for the drinks.


The down side to a chip implant that the FDA warns of potential adverse interactions with an MRI scan.  The incompatibility can cause the implant to possible heat up and cause the patient to be burned.  This poses concern with the safety of this chip implant.  What happens if the item malfunctions?  This too would be of concern.  It just seems like a good idea to keep the chips outside of the body.  Maybe a ring or a necklace would be better?


There are currently 80 medical centers that have the scanners to read and detect for the chip.  The medical procedure cost $200 to have the rice sized implant put into the patients arm.  The good news is that medical staffers and doctors may be more aware of your medical condition and treat the emergency better.  The bad news is that it can have a potential risk of a severe burn if a MRI is performed.


Thoughts of what could go wrong come to mind.  Would an arm be chopped off for access to secrets for financial gain?  Would a person be drugged and the chip removed to steal all their finances?  And the person would not have any legal protection because the chip was implanted and it was them that did it, even though maybe they didnít do it.  I think I would rather have someone steal my purse or wallet than my arm!  It sounds wonderful in some regards, but the reality is that there is always a criminal element in every aspect of society that would exploit this technology.  Whether it is the government imposing your freedom or a criminal group trying to rip you off, it would be bad news eventually.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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