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“French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano offers Weight Loss by Lifestyle Changes

March 21st, 2006

“French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano offers Weight Loss by Lifestyle Changes

"French Women Don't Get Fat" Book

Oprah Winfrey had a terrific show today about slowing down aging.  One of her guests was the author of Mireille Guiliano who is the author of the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Oprah said on her show that 67% of Americans are fat, compared to only 11% of people in France.

When Oprah interviewed Mireille it was interesting to find out that her book was not intended as a weight loss diet fad type of book, but more of a lifestyle change in how to approach eating.

Mireille recommended that you spend 20 minutes to sit down to a meal.  Don’t try to multi-task while eating.  Eating is to be enjoyed she explains.  She said not to take away foods like many fad diets do.  Try to find a balance.  You can indulge in deserts and pizza, but find a balance.  The next day you might eat a more nutritious meal such as grapefruit with an egg and toast.


Mireille also shared with Oprah the 3 bite rule which helps to satisfy the taste buds and not go overboard.  By taking 3 bites and enjoying each one, you should be able to get the most satisfaction in those bites.  She also says that you should think small with food portions.  You would be better to have 3 small cookies that equal the same size of one large cookie, because you would be more satisfied.

Another important recommendation that was made is not to eat to you are ever stuffed.  While Mareille doesn’t worry about counting calories, she makes sure to take her time eating and listen to her body when she is content.  It can take 20 minutes from the time you start eating to have your brain realize that you are full.  You might stuff yourself but you should eat light the next day, and listen to your body.  Mareille will sometimes have leek soup over a weekend as she believes that it will help to detoxify the body.


Another reality that the French often do is a lot of walking.  Oprah said that there are not many gyms in France, but there is a lot of walking going on there.  One lady on Oprah’s show went on the French “diet” and started walking up 10 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.   She also followed the advice of the book on how to eat her meals and was able to lose 22 pounds in 3 months.

What is great about this approach is the relaxed idea about eating.  I think there are a lot of distractions when we eat without taking an effort to sit down and eat for 20 minutes.  Making meal time a special moment that you look forward to sounds like a good idea.


Her book includes recipes that you would not find in a typical “diet” book.  You will have delicious recipes to choose from.  It sounds like a great book to inspire a new attitude and approach to our eating habits.  Relax and enjoy your food without becoming obsessed about it.

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