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Artificial Knee Joint Replacement and Hip Replacement Surgery will possibly have Dramatic Increase in Demand in next 20 Years

March 27th, 2006

Artificial Knee Joint Replacement and Hip Replacement Surgery will possibly have Dramatic Increase in Demand in next 20 Years

Artificial Knee Joint

According to a recent study, there will be an estimated 3.48 million knee replacements will be needed by 2030.  This is approximately a 673 percent increase compared to todayís procedures.  Artificial hip replacements are estimated to increase 174 percent up to 572,000 per year in 2030.

A recent report presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeonís annual meeting in Chicago by Steven M. Kurtz who is with a Philadelphia-based engineering and scientific consulting firm said that there is a dramatic increase in the demand for artificial joints for a number of reasons.

The cause for the dramatic increase for joint replacement surgeries may be because more people are having wear and tear on joints caused by osteoarthritis.  There are also more people living longer as well as more people overweight.  Because the technology and procedure of artificial joints help to relieve pain and help people regain their movement more people are willing to undergo the procedure.


Artificial joints are made of metal and plastic and have become very durable.  Artificial joints offer pain relief and a better quality of life for patients that go through with the procedure when they have damaged joints.


Joints become worn out when the cartilage cushion between the bones starts to erode.  Over time the bones rub together causing pain.  Joint damage can be caused by sports, injury, and being overweight.  Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system disorder that attacks a personís joints without outward physical causes and can also damage joints.        

The research study is concerned that there will be a problem with health insurance financial meeting the demand for joint replacement surgery.  The cost of health insurance already has been on the increase.  The downfall is that insurance companies may have to stop allowing for all medical procedures in order to stay in business.  It is a possibility that the joint replacement surgery might be an out of pocket expense in the future.


Kurtz said that the orthopedic surgeons are the ones who use the hospital operating rooms the most.  He also said that the University of Illinois Medical Center that has a good amount of public aid patients lose money every time an artificial joint implant is performed.

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