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Baldness – Laser Light Therapy and Electrostatic Pulse Technology may help Grow Hair Back

April 5th, 2006

Baldness – Laser Light Therapy and Electrostatic Pulse Technology may help Grow Hair Back

Hairmax Lasercomb

Hair loss and baldness affects nearly 40 million men and 20 million women in the United States.  While there are hair transplants and wigs to cover up the baldness there might be some new technology for helps for hair re-growth.

One is an electro-static ‘hair chair’ that encourages hair to re-grow.  At this time the FDA has not given the approval for hair re-growth.  It has been used in Canada to help chemotherapy patients re-grow their hair.  The chair looks like a hair dryer that you sit underneath.  The process is painless.  It is supposed to takes 4 – 8 months with treatments of around 15 minutes each week.  If it works you can expect to see more of these in the United States.  At this time this device is only in a few cities. 


Another device is called the Hairmax Lasercomb which is a do it yourself at home treatment.  The technology is called laser light hair therapy and uses laser to stimulate hair growth.  The Hairmax Lasercomb is used for 10 - 15 minutes three times a week to achieve hair re-growth.  The FDA has approved the Hairmax Lasercomb as a benefit to gain shinier, stronger, and fuller hair.  At this point the FDA has not approved it for hair re-growth.  Laser light hair therapy professional equipment is very expensive.


According to the FDA the only approved method to re-grow hair is with minoxidil at this time.  Rogaine was the first to have minoxidil treatments but now is available with other manufacturers.  Minoxidil containing products needs to be applied to the scalp twice a day to help in the re-growth.  The younger and person is and the more recent the hair loss the better the chance for re-growing hair.  Minoxidil was originally used as an oral supplementation to treat high blood pressure.  The results for hair re-growth can be minimal.  It is thought that it may prevent further hair loss as slow down the process of becoming bald.  A possible side effect can be an itchy scalp.

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