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Bird Flu Pandemic – President Bush will soon approve an Emergency Response Plan

April 17th, 2006

Bird Flu Pandemic – President Bush will soon approve an Emergency Response Plan


The infected H5N1 birds are anticipated to arrive in the United States in the next couple of months.  The US government is putting together a plan of action in the event that the deadly H5N1 virus becomes transmitted from human to human causing a pandemic and potentially killing millions of Americans.

The response plan has not yet been approved by President Bush who was presented the documents in a briefing on March 17th.  It is expected that President Bush will have an approval within a week.  At this time there are over 300 tasks that are assigned to federal agencies if the pandemic occurs.  According to a report on WCCO some of the listed major tasks have been revealed to the news agencies.


If the pandemic arrived, people would be encouraged to stay at home and work at home.  Children would not go to school.  Large gatherings would be cancelled.

Since people would be working at home using the internet, there would be a good chance the internet would bog down.  The plan includes provisions to boost the internet to help keep people productive even when working at home.

There is a possible plan for having a drive-thru clinic to assess potential bird flu infected people.  This would give a fast method to diagnose potential cases.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has already implanted a drive-thru Flu shot with success in the last year.


Currency could be printed in a foreign country if the US Treasury Department is unable to operate.

Government officials recommend that not only government employees, but also private business plan for a reduced work force of around 40 percent reduction during the time of the pandemic.

One of the concerns if that when the vaccination is available there is still debate who should be first in line of receiving the shot.  Some officials want the medical, and government workers to be first in line, while others want the infected people’s family to get treatment first.  There are also plans to summon retired federal employees back to work during the pandemic.


According to the Washington Post, the government anticipates that the pandemic could last for an 18 month time period.  They estimate as many as 90 million people would become infected and possibly kill around 1.9 million Americans.  These are preliminary plans and government officials continue to revise the plan.

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