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Prostate Cancer Ė Consuming excess Milk and Meat may Increase Risk

May 11th, 2006

Prostate Cancer Ė Consuming excess Milk and Meat may Increas

Glass of Milk

According to a report on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website, consuming too much dairy and meat may increase a manís risk for developing prostate cancer.

They have assembled a collection of studies that show possible clues as to why the dairy and meat may have contributed to the increased risk for prostate cancer in men. 

They believe that the risk is higher is due to the saturated fat levels among other factors.  In the American diet we consume way too much saturated fat in relationship to the unsaturated fat.  This dietary imbalance could be a large contributing factor.


Another possible cause is the lack of fruits in vegetables in the diet.  Prostate cancer is less common with populations that eat more rice, soybean, and green or yellow vegetables.  They also report that vegetarian men also have a lower risk for developing prostate cancer.  Research studies of Seventh-day Adventist men (which are at least 50 percent vegetarians) have only one-third the risk of prostate cancer risk when compared to other men.  Research suggests that the risk is reduced the longer the man is a vegetarian.

A high saturated fat diet has shown to increase a manís testosterone level in their blood.  Researchers donít see any specific health benefit to having raised testosterone levels and believe that it can cause the cells in the prostate to become over stimulated, thus causing an increased risk for developing prostate cancer.


One way excessive dairy and meat products increase prostate cancer risk is by increasing the Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in the blood.  Increased levels of IGF-1 are related to cell growth.  The IGF-I in test tube experiments have shown an increased ability for cancer cells to grow.

Dairy products could be a contributor to increasing a manís risk for prostate cancer.  The World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research acknowledge at least 11 different studies with the human population that have connected dairy product consumption and an increased risk for developing prostate cancer.  In one study there 20 people consumed excessive amounts of dairy products and their blood levels for IGF-I was at higher levels.  People that consumed a plant-based diet had reduced IGF-I levels.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends that men eat a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables.  Limiting your meat and dairy consumption and reducing your saturated fats and increasing unsaturated fats could also benefit in improving a manís overall health.

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