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Asthma – Breathing Exercises can help in Mild Cases

June 6th, 2006

Asthma – Breathing Exercises can help in Mild Cases


A double blind randomized trial of different breathing exercises was tested to measure how it could help in the treatment of asthma.  The results were first published in the online edition of Thorax.

Researchers discovered that using a breathing exercise in mild asthma cases can reduce the need for using an inhaler by 80 percent and also reduced the dosage of medication needed.

There were a total of 57 adult participants that suffer from mild asthma and used the preventer inhaler at least four times a week were assigned randomly two separate breathing techniques.  The first breathing exercise was to use a shallow nasal breathing with slow exhalations.  The second breathing exercise used general upper body exercised along with relaxation.


The breathing exercises were to be completed two times a day for around 25 minutes a day.  The participants did this for over a 30 week period of time.  If they needed to use the inhaler if an asthma attack was occurring they were recommended to use the breathing technique first before using the inhaler.  If the breathing didn’t work they were to use their inhaler.

Both groups had positive results.  The use of the asthma medication dropped 86% for both groups.  The results started to be seen weeks after the trial began and was keep in place during the duration of the study.


The average asthma participant used around three puffs of their inhaler each day to get through the day.  When the breathing exercises were used the need reduced to around one puff of inhaler every third day at the end of the study.  The dosage of the preventer was also reduced by half.

The quality of life scored did not change.  The asthma was better controlled and inhaler use went down.  The lungs and airway responsiveness did not change.  The researchers believe the breathing exercises were the contributing factor to the improvement of asthma symptoms.

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