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Cancer and Heart Disease are much lower in Asia possibly from drinking Green Tea

June 7th, 2006

Cancer and Heart Disease are much lower in Asia possibly from drinking Green Tea

Green Tea

Scientists call it the ‘Asian Paradox’ because of the lower amounts of cancer and cardiovascular disease in Asians, even though these countries have an abundance of heavy smokers.  Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine theorize that possibly it is related to the high consumption of green tea.  The article was first reported in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

"We do not yet have a full explanation for the 'Asian paradox,' which refers to the very low incidence of both heart disease and cancer in Asia, even though consumption of cigarettes is greater than in most other countries," said the lead author, Bauer Sumpio, M.D. who is a professor and Chief of Vascular Surgery in the Department of Surgery. "But we now have some theories."


Sumpio along with his colleagues evaluated over 100 experimental and clinical studies that concerned green tea.  One reason that he believes green tea helps is that Asians drink around 1.2 liters of green tea each day.  Green tea contains polyphenolic EGCG which is an anti-oxidant.  The antioxidants help prevent LDL oxidation which is the main contributor to pathophysiology of arteriosclerosis.  The EGCG also helps reduce the quantity of platelet accumulation.  The anti-oxidant also helps regulate lipids and also helps with the production and movement of smooth muscle cells.  These all add up to health benefits that reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Other benefits from EGCG anti-oxidant were also seen in the prevention of some types of tumors.  Some studies showed that drinking tea can help gastrointestinal function.  There is also improved alcohol metabolism.  Drinking tea may help improve the function of the kidney, liver and pancreas.  Tea drinking could also help protect the skin, the eyes, and lessens arthritis problems. 


Even more studies suggest that drinking tea can prevent allergies, used as part of a diabetes treatment, and help in the treatment of bacterial or viral infections.  Tea has been used to treat cavities.  Some research with tea shown to either reduce or cure diseases that have an inflammatory component.  There have also been studies that showed improved neurological and psychological health.

"More studies are necessary to fully elucidate and better understand green tea's method of action, particularly at the cellular level," Sumpio said. "The evidence is strong that green tea consumption is a useful dietary habit to lower the risk for, as well as treat, a number of chronic diseases. Certainly, however, smoking cessation is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer."


Green tea should be brewed fresh to enjoy the maximum amounts of anti-oxidants.  Green tea with a hint of lemon flavor is usually more pleasant tasting than just regular.  The conversion of 1.2 liters (which is the average Asian consumption) of green tea to cups is approximately 5 cups of tea each day.

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