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Weight Lift to Lose Body Fat – Ideas to get you started in Lifting Free Weights

June 15th, 2006

Weight Lift to Lose Body Fat – Ideas to get you started in Lifting Free Weights

Free Weights

If you need to lose weight and have be struggling along with modifying your diet and not losing weight, one way you can help to increase your metabolism and burn more fat is by weight lifting exercises.

You don’t need to join a fitness club to get access to weights.  You can purchase a couple of sets of free weights and bench to accomplish the goals.  If you have a difficult time challenging your weight lifting routine you can hire a personal trainer.  If you don’t have a budget for a personal trainer you can invest in body sculpting DVD’s that will couch you as you go.


One series of weight lifting videos that have been helpful in sculpting the body and losing weight at the same time is “Total Body Sculpt with Gilad.”  His workouts have been around a long time and he trains you on the proper form for lifting free weights.  His goal is to incorporate a semi-aerobic session along with weight lifting and he helps you accomplish the best workout in the shortest time period.  The exercises are challenging for both a beginner as well as for the physically advanced individuals.  Gilad also offer a Quick Fit system that is a complete package including tips on eating, aerobic and body sculpting videos as well.

You can also invest in books that will teach you free-weight exercises.  If you plan to learn the free-weights on your own, make sure to keep track of the repetitions as well as the weights that you have accomplished.  If you are working on building mass you should try to work in heavier weights and if you want strength without the bulk you should work on doing larger volumes of reps with slightly lighter weights.


If you really are not motivated and you need to sign up for a gym membership, you can always get lots of support at the gym.  Sometimes trainers at the gym will coach you for free for the first few times after signing up to not only get you to sign up for more training sessions, but to also get you working on the equipment safely.  This can be advantageous if you have never been to the gym before.

Scientific studies have shown building more muscle mass will increase your metabolism and burn more calories.  There has also been research that shows that weight lifting can help decrease a person’s appetite.  There is also an increase in HGH hormone which has been shown to help slow down the aging process.  There are also advantages to help improve the strength of your bones with weight lifting.

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