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North Korea getting ready to test new Ballistic Missile

June 20th, 2006

North Korea getting ready to test new Ballistic Missile

U.S. Air Force photo of and ICBM

There are concerns that North Korea is gearing up to test-launch a new ballistic missile that can reach up to 3,700 miles target.  That is far enough to reach the United States.

According to Korea Times report on June 20th, “They (South Korean government) said it has not been confirmed whether the object on the communist country's launch pad is indeed a missile or a satellite-carrying rocket.”

Even though the missile could be a satellite-carrying rocket, it still puts fear in the South Korean government because of North Korea’s ability to launch long range missiles at a later time.

The North Koreans have been fuelling the missile.  According to a report in Business Day, the fuel is good for only about a month’s time, meaning that there is definite intention for launching in the near future.


The other concern is that North Koreans have developed a nuclear bomb that could be downsized to fit on the top of a missile. 

Reuters reports, “The United States has activated its ground-based interceptor missile-defense system amid concerns over an expected North Korean missile launch, a U.S. defence official said on Tuesday.”


If the missile is launched, it will be very likely that the United States will react.  Supposedly the US Treasury is after North Korea for a money-laundry operation.  North Korea does not like the US Treasury going after this operation.

There is a six-party talk on North Korea which has delayed the test-launch of the missile. Business Day also said, “Japanese officials were quoted as saying on Sunday that a test was unlikely.”

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