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Celiac Disease Enzyme Therapy approach to treating Gluten Intolerance

June 23rd, 2006

Celiac Disease  Enzyme Therapy approach to treating Gluten Intolerance

Wheat Bread

Celiac Sprue which is an inherited inflammatory disorder of the small intestine may have a non-dietary therapy that may work.  Currently a celiac sufferer would not be able to eat gluten in their diet.  Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye.  The gluten cases an inflammatory reaction that can damage the small intestines.  It is estimated that there are approximately 1 in 200 people that suffer from celiac disease around the world.


Scientists believe that an oral enzyme therapy could help in the digestion of gluten.  Celiac sufferers also can sufferers from structural and functional gut abnormalities even when they exclude gluten from their diets.  By digesting enzymes before consuming the gluten they will prevent an inflammation and the enzymes will break up the gluten into non-toxic food.

"Non-dietary therapies that allow celiac patients to safely incorporate low-to-moderate levels of gluten into their daily diet would be of considerable benefit," said the lead author, Dr. Chaitan Khosla, from Stanford University and Celiac Sprue Research Foundation. "Having demonstrated earlier that certain types of enzymes can detoxify gluten, our laboratory set out to devise an optimal oral enzyme therapy for celiac sprue by borrowing from nature. In germinating barley seed, gluten serves as a nutritious storage protein that is efficiently digested by enzymes. One enzyme, EP-B2, plays a crucial role in this process by breaking gluten proteins after glutamine residues, which comprise one-third of all amino acid residues in gluten."


The scientists in this study were able to simulate the stomach acidic conditions and using the EP-B2 enzyme was able to efficiently digest gluten protein.  The gluten was digested to a point where no triggers for a celiac inflammation would occur.  The scientists conducted a second study with a double enzyme therapy which was used as a way of detoxifying the gluten.

The combination included the EP-B2 enzyme alone with another enzyme called PEP.  While separately the PEP or the EP-B2 where not able to detoxify the gluten quickly enough to prevent inflammatory response, however when the two enzymes where combined, the gluten immunotoxicity was removed within ten minutes.  These tests were completed in a simulation of gastric duodenal conditions.


What was accomplished was a two part series in digesting and breaking down the gluten.  The EP-B2 enzyme broke down the gluten into small pieces while the PEP stepped into detoxify under duodenal conditions.

"Our results suggest that recombinant EP-B2 should be effective as supportive therapy to help celiacs cope with the 'hidden' gluten in everyday life, and that a two-enzyme cocktail containing PEP and EP-B2 may even allow celiacs to resume a more normal diet in the future," offers Dr. Khosla.

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