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How to Reduce Stress - Helps in Weight Loss Efforts and Keep you Younger

June 26th, 2006

How to Reduce Stress - Helps in Weight Loss Efforts and Keep you Younger

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On 20/20 last Friday, one topic that was discussed was stress and how it causes us to age and gain weight.  It was assumed that sun was the only cause of wrinkles, but the truth is, stress also contributes to wrinkles.  There is also evidence the increased stress levels help to raise cortisol levels that trigger the storage of body fat.

One big contributor to stress is called NUT, which stands for Nagging, Unfinished, Tasks.  So if your desk is piled high, and you are constantly behind this is causing stress that is aging you and making you fat.  How can you organize your schedule to manage your chores and not feel overwhelmed?


There are many seminar tapes on procrastination and books too.  The one thing that works to getting your tasks complete is to schedule an appointment for a task that is nagging at you to get completed.  Whether it is to take out the trash at home or a big project that needs multiple sessions to be completed, you need to schedule your time for job.  By planning in advance you become committed to the task at hand.  That means that you wonít miss out on completing the job at hand.

When the scheduled time arrives for completing the nagging task set you mind to the task at hand.  Donít allow yourself any other tasks to complete during that time.  If you have a hard time getting started tell yourself that you only need to work for 5 minutes with full focus on the task.  By limiting the amount of time you feel committed to doing the awful dreaded task, the more likely you will put more effort in completing it.  There is a good chance that you will keep on going until the task gets completed.  If you find that you want to take a break, pause and do something enjoyable for 5 minutes, and then go back and give yourself 5 minutes again on the task that you donít enjoy.


Many times the backlog is so immense that you do not know where to begin, so you never want to start.  Break your tasks into smaller jobs.  Write down on paper the smaller tasks and decide which are the most important task and the sequence that is logical to complete them.  Sometimes you have to do tasks first before other tasks can be completed.

After you have your list, you can sit down at a calendar and schedule time for each task.  It might be on a Saturday, or it could be during the work day.  If you only have 5 minutes to devote it still counts.  Put on your schedule to spend 5 minutes on the task.

Pretty soon you will have caught up with what you got behind on.  Another benefit is that you learn a skill of setting up a schedule to accomplish your goals.  Donít be afraid to say no if your schedule is overbooked.  Sometimes we do things that are not a priority and we are overwhelmed because we have over scheduled our lives.  You might have to cut your schedule down in order to reduce your stress.  Either delegate the jobs to someone else, if possible, or skip it if it is not important.


Another way to reduce stress is to do Yoga or meditation.  These exercises relax the nervous system and slow down the stress response.  Make time for reducing your stress by taking a few moments to sit still or stretch with some Yoga poses.  Exercise in general is also a great stress reducer.  So exercising every day would benefit you greatly.

On 20/20 they also suggested that people were able to reduce stress by being in contact with 6 people that you care about every month.  By getting together with these people you will likely be happier and have less stress.

Reducing stress can help you to lose more weight and can slow down aging.  Learning to relax and handle stressful situation with a calm approach takes practice.  It can be difficult because we naturally have a built in fight or flight approach to stressful situations.  However, avoiding problems, and getting upset usually add up to more stress and more problems.  If you learn to manage stress levels, you can improve your overall health. 

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