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Organize your Home One Room at a Time

January 11th, 2006

Organize your Home One Room at a Time

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Now that a new year is here, many of us have decided to get organized.  If you find that your house is in a constant state of chaos, and you cannot find what you need easily, it is time to organize. 

Sometimes it is a clutter problem that is afflicting us.  We held on to everything and we now literally have piles of stuff without a place to put them.  This is a daunting task and it is hard for us to be motivated about cleaning it up.  It just isnít fun.  It was more fun getting the stuff.  But unfortunately if that pile looms, it will bother you day after day.  It is unused living space that has become the black hole in our house sucking up even more things that we canít find any more.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to tackle the daunting task and make it more fun.  First step that you need to do is sit down with your calendar, the one that you look at everyday.  If you donít have a day planner, you likely have a calendar that you look at on the wall everyday.  You need to schedule the day that you will work on the black hole pile up.  Give your self a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so that you donít accidentally over book yourself.  You can plan out for the event in advance, collect up some handy boxes for sorting and not over schedule the day.

If you have young children, you might consider having extra babysitting help on the day of the clean up.  It will help alleviate the stress of organizing and trying to feed the baby at the same time.  You will have focus, and this is important. Donít allow yourself to visit on the phone with a friend if that is your scheduled clean up time.  Pre-plan your meals for the day ahead of schedule so that you wonít be working in the kitchen on your meal breaks.  Order a pizza to be delivered for lunch as a treat.

If you have older children and a husband, get them involved in the project by delegating jobs.  Have each person work on a corner of the room giving everyone some space to work so that you are not tripping over each other in the process.  Put on some music that everyone enjoys to lighten the mood.  Alleviating stress during organizing is very important, because fights can ensue if you are not careful.   


If you find that you canít focus for long periods of time and you get worn out easily.  You can get your timer out and set it for 15 minutes.  Tell yourself you only have to focus for 15 minutes.  You then can take a break afterwards.  By setting a timer you will find that you will go beyond the 15 minutes and work much longer.  Getting started on organizing is the hardest, and once you get started you can keep on going.

Set up boxes for the organizing process.  With a marker write on the boxes, KEEP, TRASH, and DONATE.  Donít worry at this point where you will put the items you are going to keep.  If you know they go in another room, donít put them away until you are completed with the room you are working on. 

Donating items can be a good way to let go of items that are of value that you canít seem to through out.  If you havenít used the item in the last 6 months you need to ask yourself if you really need to hold onto it.  Try to let go of at least some of the black hole collection of stuff.  That way you can look forward to having more living space, which is a useable item too.

If you have old magazines, chances are you need to throw them in the trash.  Most book and library donations do not want old magazines.  So save a step in moving them around one more time.  If you havenít read them by now, you probably wonít get to them.

After you have cleared your room, you can look at what you have kept; you might need to go to the store to purchase cabinets or shelving to put away the items in a systematic method.  By putting the items away with thought, you will be able to find your items without stress in the future, and you will increase the likelihood of using the items you have.  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something you know you have but donít know where you have put it.


Drop off the to donate items as soon as possible,  put them in your car right away so that the next time you go out to the store you can drop off the items.  If you have a large amount to donate you can call your local Salvation Army and sometimes they can pick up for you.  The goal is to donate the items before they find a way back into your home.

When organizing a home, start with one room at a time.  Do not try to organize your whole home as it might take a few weekends to accomplish.  After a while, you should have a cleaner, more organized home to live in.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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