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Online Schools are popular way to get a Degree

January 24th, 2006

Online Schools are popular way to get a Degree

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Many people that either did not complete college, or go onto get an advanced degree find that it is becoming easier than ever to get their degree by attending a university online.  It can be next to impossible to go to school if you are juggling work and family.  The best part about going to school online it helps anyone to get an advanced degree.

My sister, who lives in Minnesota, attended an advanced Master degree program from the University of Florida.   Not once was she required to attend a class physically.  She did have a lot of course work and it was an in-depth program.  She was working during the day and taking care of her kids and for a whole year she worked in between all this for the degree.  Granted it was a lot of work to attend an online university, but it does make it easier to do when you have family and work.

If you decide to attend a university online, make sure that they are an accredited school.  Do you homework, make phone calls and check with the state that they are located in for accreditation. A non-accredited school may offer education, but it may not count for a job requirement for employment and these school credits are not able to transfer to other universities.  If you are paying the money for an education you should try to go to the online accredited universities.

You donít have to attend in the same state that you live in; however, it may be less expensive to attend a university in your state if the online offers resident discounts.  If you are looking for a specific program you should compare what each university course includes and make a decision based on this.  Take your time in making a decision.  Make sure to ask questions about how much time you will need to devote to each class.  That way you can start planning your schedule for when you will be doing your school work.  If you have a plan before you start your online classes you will be more likely to complete them.


Some courses will not be able to completed 100 percent online.  For instance, if you were studying to become a nurse you would likely need hands-on learning classes.  If you are currently a nurse wanting to get a higher level nursing degree you can sometimes just take courses online with out having to attend a lab course.  You might have to combine some schooling at the university or college with the online to get the degree that you are looking to get.

More people are attending universities and colleges online than ever before.  It offers many people an opportunity that would have been next to impossible to do if online schooling was not available.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer




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