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Car Sharing – Zipcar and Flexcar is a new way to save Money and Time

February 26th, 2006

Car Sharing – Zipcar and Flexcar is a new way to save Money and Time

Zipcar in New York

Car Sharing is a new way to get around.  You can get around a major city with a car sharing. You pay a membership fee to participate and you book times and places when you will use the car.  The good part about this is that a person has a parking spot for the car, and can avoid parking tickets and expensive parking fees.

There is an estimated 80,000 people that are participating in the car sharing services.  Flexcar is mostly on the west coast covering major cities including, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.  Flexcar also services Washington D.C. and Chicago.  Flex car has the best support at this time in Seattle.  A person in Seattle is only a 5 minutes walk from a Flexcar.


Zipcar covers the cities of Boston, Chapel Hills – NC, Chicago, Minneapolis / St. Paul–MN, New York, New Jersey, Portland – OR, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  The rates are start at $8.50 per hour or $60 per day rental.  You can get discounts off the rate if you have an extra value plan.


What is great about car sharing is that gas is included in the fee, so is the parking fees, and so is the car insurance.  This could make it more affordable for many people because you may only need a car on a semi-regular basis.  It can save you a bundle in the cost of insurance and even car repairs and maintenance.  If you are in the big city and don’t have to use your car very often are frustrated by parking it sounds like car sharing is a really great idea.  It could also be beneficial for frequent business travelers that are doing day trips in the city.  It might even give rental car companies a run for their business as business travelers may use this method in the future instead of traditional rental cars.


CBS News Sunday Morning reported how people are saving money with the car sharing.  One lady said she may need a car one month and not at all another, and she was so happy not try to find parking as it is part of the service.  The cost of car insurance, gas, parking, the cost of car payments, and maintenance make car sharing very attractive, especially for the young adult in the major metropolitan city.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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