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Swimming Pools – Should you build an above ground Pool or construct an underground Swimming Pool

April 20th, 2006

Swimming Pools – Should you build an above ground Pool or construct an underground Swimming Pool

Vinyl liner in an underground pool

Swimming pools are nice to have on a hot summer day, but should you invest in an underground swimming pool?  If you already know that you will be using the swimming pool, and know what work and costs lay ahead for maintenance you should go for the gusto and build the pool in the ground. 

There is no doubt that an underground swimming pool is elegant and beautiful to look at but the reality a swimming pool has time and money involved with owning one.  If you are a first time pool owner and have never had anything larger than a kiddy swimming pool, you might want to try out the above ground pool first to get an idea of what owning a swimming pool would be like. 

Yards are becoming smaller in the city every time a new housing track is built.  The yard space is a valuable asset and can actually decrease the value of a home that has an underground swimming pool installed in the back yard.  The reason for this is that you have a smaller market of people that want to have a swimming pool taking up the whole back yard.  It is like trying to sell a hot pink colored car; you won’t have as many buyers.


If you are not aware what the potential water bills would add up to you should try out an above ground pool.  Water bills depending on where you live could add up to a small fortune.  You wouldn’t want to build an underground pool that never had water in it because it cost too much to fill up.  If you wanted to heat the pool and run lighting this can add to the electric bill. 

Maintenance of the pool water is also a factor that you need to consider.  If you are going to do it yourself you will have a little learning curve and an extra chore.  It can be comparable to taking out the trash.  Not exactly fun, but one of the realities of taking care of a pool.

You can hire out a company that services the pool, but it will add an extra cost.  Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but there are pros and cons to owning one.  If you set up an above ground swimming pool, you can always easily take it down if you don’t like the work involved with the swimming pool.


Above ground swimming pools need to be installed on a flat level surface and kits have very specific instructions to follow during the installation and care of the pool.  You can hire people to install above ground pools for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

You will likely need to install a fence around the swimming pool whether it is above ground or underground.  Make sure to plan on installing a fence when installing the swimming pool to meet local city safety requirements.  Check with your local city building rules before installing any pool in your back yard.  Also you should make sure that the home owner’s insurance policy will allow this without adding huge premiums to your policy or even worse cancelling you.

Do your homework and take your time in deciding to install an underground swimming pool.  While most people love to cool off in a swimming pool, an uncared for swimming pool with algae growing in it is not a fun place to hang out in at all.

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